Monday, March 4, 2013

Where is the Lorax?

The center blocks and sashing for this ultra quick baby quilt were pieced together last weekend but then I had to wait for the border fabrics to arrive before I could finish it. This will be a gift for the baby boy across the street who is due to be born in May.
I normally wouldn't have bought themed fabric like this but the charm pack was the Deal of the Day at Missouri Star Quilt Co when I ordered the fabric for the teacher quilts and I was able to get the border and backing fabrics on sale too so it will end up being one really inexpensive baby quilt gift.

A more complex quilt pattern could have been used but once I looked at the charm pack, I decided that I would go very clean and simple with this one. It would have looked strange to have the Lorax's cut into small pieces, the workers in the windows wouldn't have made any sense cut up and the Truffaua trees trunks wouldn't have looked like Truffula tree trunks at all if I had sliced the squares into multiple pieces and turned them every which way. I'm going do some simple quilting for this but now I'm totally stumped as to what color thread to use. I would certainly love your suggestions!
This is what I am using for the backing. Thread color suggestion would be most appreciated here too.
As I was sewing this together I found it appropriate that this will be the quilt for their new baby boy.....the father-to-be is a state trooper and like the Lorax he tries to get people to do the right thing. The mom-to-be is a school librarian and I don't know one single teacher that doesn't love the Dr. Seuss books.

It will be really nice this time to have a baby quilt done and ready to give before the baby is born.

7 of you added your own colorful comments:

  1. It turned out beautifully and I love the simplicity.

  2. love it! stick w white threads:)]

  3. If I was doing it, I would have white on white, red on red, leave the squares unquilted (assuming they are now 4.5?). For the back I would probably use a variegated blue or a variegated green. Look awesome...How cool to have it ready to go! Great that it ties in to the parents so well too! Win/win!!

  4. I did my Dr. Seuss quilt with a lime green thread..looked great front and back! The quilt is so cute! Nice job Michelle!

  5. I think this is just so sweet and too cute! Like Julianne suggested - a lime green flows so well with all those colors and would work on front and back.

  6. Oh cute!! I picked up some elephant fabric today from's SO make a quilt for my 7 year old. I was trying to think of how I would frame the fabric as I just want it to be an easy quick quilt. This is such a good way to use those bright children's fabrics.


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