Sunday, March 24, 2013

Consignment sale shopping

Since the weekend with my BFF and her family was cancelled, yesterday I worked on this month's Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin block and then headed to the local giant bi-annual consignment sale to see what sort of great bargains I could find. Other than a few specific clothing items I had on my list for the kidlets for this summer, I wasn't going shopping for anything in particular.

Overall I did really well and was very restrained. My kids don't need much but a few new-to-us things are always fun. This is my non-clothing pile.
Wouldn't you know that Jammer broke the zipper on his backpack just this week and it has so many other rips and holes so I was going to have to buy a new one anyway? I didn't think of shopping for one at the sale but sure was happy when I spotted them. The CARS one of course was a must have and for $2 I couldn't pass it up. The other CARS one was $3 and the Princess one was $3 also so now they are all set for the rest of this school year/summer camp plus next fall. The new movies-$2 each, the games (including my favorite as a kid Mouse Trap) $2 & $3 each, the water shoes new with tags $8, the Tonka flip remote car $6 and the electric drums $8. Since I've always said there will never be a drum set in this house this is a bit of a "give" for me but this sort of drum set I can handle. Plus the kids have jam sessions all the time so I know it will get a ton of use. Not pictured is a practically new baseball glove for Jammer that cost me a whole $2.

Jammer didn't need many clothes for the summer but he could use a few new pair of shorts. I also found a couple of play tshirts I knew he'd love, a couple "decent" shirts for nicer events and a Mickey hoodie that will be perfect for our upcoming vacation. I never care if the tshirts and shorts get ruined during the summer when I only spend $2-$4 each for them.
Here are the new items Sunshine now owns. She needed some swimsuits for the summer plus one had a cover up included. Score. I also picked out a small amount of new outfits that were too cute to pass up and only 4 new dresses, including one for Easter, all $2-$4 each. I refuse to pay $40-$50 for a holiday dress that they will wear so few times. Plus I prefer the nice but not overly frilly ones that actually can be used more often like for summer parties, the upcoming school spring concert or graduation ceremonies.
All told for this entire haul I spent a whopping $132. Not bad, not bad at all. And even better is the fact that the sales for my stuff for the first day exceeded this amount. I sold 46 of the 130 that I delivered there. Pretty good I think for the 1st day, which wasn't even a full day of them being open. Today is the 1st day it is open to the public (yesterday was the pre-sale for volunteers, consignors, pregnant and 1st time moms). Plus they are open all day Monday and 2/3 of the day on Tuesday. Hopefully I will sell lots more of my things and can have another very successful sale.

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Needled Mom said...

That is such a wonderful event and you got some great buys. Good luck with the rest of the sale.

Melinda said...

I still do consignment for my 7 year old son but the 11 year old is now wearing juniors 5's and 7's so she's IN STORE only at this point. And she's all about Aeropostale! Luckily they have sales all the time and they aren't horribly expensive.