Wednesday, March 6, 2013

NJ Quilt Show 2013 - Part 1

My friend Alana and I had a great time at the Quiltfest of NJ on Friday. Lots of glorious quilts were on display and plenty of interesting goodies at the vendors were available for you to bring home too. I was very restrained in my spending and this is all that I bought..a couple of Asian FQs, a Bohn chalk pencil, a pack of Steam-A-Seam, a new eyeglass chain and a beautiful wood "quilt block" ornament from Wood Quilter.
I also picked up these. We saw this vendor last year but I didn't partake in her offerings. This year I found a couple of perfect bundles. They sell these preselected 3 yard bundles with a free pattern for $22. Jammer has been asking me if he could make a quilt for himself and I thought this would be perfect for him to do just that. 
And as is so common with siblings, if Jammer got to make his own quilt, Sunshine would want to do it too so I found one perfect for her. This is her bundle, purple of course. 
Here is Jammer's bundle. The firefighter fabric is perfect for him and the color combos are just right, especially since his Sound the Alarm twin quilt is all Reds, Blues and Yellows. When I showed these to hubby he asked why I didn't get Jammer a train set instead since he already has a fire truck quilt but I certainly couldn't buy what they didn't have.
The show itself was great as usual. There were so many terrific quilts to see and the level of detail on some of them was beyond your wildest imaginations. I didn't take pictures of all of them but I did take quite a few.

Now onto the show!

Just look at the detail! All of the stitchery was done by hand.

I've never seen a rainbow Double Irish Chain. This is very cool.

I didn't adjust the lighting on this whole cloth one because then you wouldn't really be able to see it.
Awe inspiring.

More eye candy coming in the next post.