Thursday, March 7, 2013

Answer Me This: Should I or Shouldn't I - the update

So you're likely going to laugh at this....

I emailed my sister on Monday night. This is what the email said:

Ok so I have something to share with you, something that I’ve held off telling you…and NO I’m not sick or anything bad such as that and NO we aren’t adopting again

Before I will reveal my little secret you have to promise on everything you hold sacred and dear not to ever tell Mom, any of our siblings or any of our other relatives. This has been just mine for a while now and while I’ve wanted to keep it just mine I think perhaps it is time to share it with you. It is something fun, promise but unless you can swear to me that you will never ever mutter a single word about this, I will continue to keep this to myself. If you can’t keep a secret, than forget I ever sent you this email!

I figured that I'd hear from her by the following morning, at the latest. But guess what? Nothing. Nada. All has been quiet. Hmmm. She called this morning while I was getting ready for work just to chat. No mention of the email. I was running late so I didn't mention it either. So before I left the house, I emailed her this morning about something else. I also mentioned that perhaps she should check her home email. She replied later that she hasn't gotten any emails from me. Strange. Very strange.

I've resent it to her and I'm betting that she'll call before the night is over. At this point it is getting funny. I started to tell her but she didn't get the message. She'll know all about this place soon enough though and then she'll laugh at all the hub-bub for sure.

7 of you added your own colorful comments:

  1. loling, out loud properly chuckling :)

  2. This is just so funny...wonder who you sent the original email to. So...has she peeked and seen how wonderful you are? :O)

  3. maybe you're in her SPAM folder!!
    why don't you want to tell family????

  4. Too funny. You did try though.

  5. Maybe you sent the e-mails to your family by mistake!!!!

  6. From THE sister.....I am so proud of my sister, Michele and her blog! This is very cool and I much appreciate her help with my re-entry into the quilting world. She did forget to mention one small thing. The reason I didn't catch on to this is that I run a computer school for a living and I am sick of computers by the time I get home. LOL I promise that I will be better about it now that I have a really good reason to look at a few blogs. Thank you all so much for your posts, I love them.


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