Monday, July 26, 2021

Kathy's Pink and Black Flower Blocks Quilt

 When my customer Kathy brought me her adorable chickens quilt, she also brought this pretty Pink and Black Flowers Block quilt.


The combination of colors that she used is very vibrant and it just needed the finishing touch.

Unfortunately with the practically daily rain and/or overcast skies we've been having here, getting really good pictures of the finished quilts is nearly impossible but trust me when I tell you it turned out gorgeous.
Glide thread in Military Gold was the perfect choice for the top.
The panto Surf's Up was fitting and I really like the way it mimicked the edges of the flowers in the Black fabric.
A pretty gold print was supplied for the backing and Glide thread in Honey Gold was just right to have the stitching show, which Kathy prefers, without being too overwhelming.
Such a simple pattern resulted in a really beautiful quilt.
Kathy told me she has many more quilts in process so there will be more coming my way to finish.  I can't wait to see what she brings me next.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Charms for My Sister

 This is another recent finish and this one was for my younger sister Diane. 

Way back in Spring 2013, I signed up for my very first charm swap.  Little did I know the appeal of swapping charms at the time and I eventually ended up hosting a number of Kate Spain charm swaps in later years.  I had no plans for them at some point I added a Disappearing Nine Patch pattern printout to the baggie they were stored in and put them on my project shelf.

Fast forward to 7 years later, I decided to use these charms for the quilt for Diane. When I tried to make color groupings for the blocks, I didn't like the result so I went searching for an alternate idea.  I came across the Falling Charms pattern and once I laid out the squares I had, I knew I had a winner. I had just enough of the right color squares for each row, with just a few leftover.
This is a really easy pattern to stitch up and the blocks were done quickly with chain piecing.
Within a few days, I had a finished top. It is 57" x 76".
Here is the "before", loaded on the frame to get fancy-fied.
I was really liking the effect I saw once I stitched the first couple of rows.
All finished and ready to be bound.
The colors are actually a lot brighter than in the studio pic above.
 I chose the Lida pantograph for this quilt to give it some nice soft swirls.
You can see the wonderful texture the stitching added better in this photo.
 I used Denise Schmitt yardage I had for both the backing and the binding.
I had planned to gift this to Diane at our nieces wedding in early June but she wasn't able to attend so I shipped it to her in South Carolina instead, getting her sworn promise first to not say anything or share any pictures yet because the other 2 siblings hadn't received their quilts yet.

This is her Yorkie who was already trying to claim it for himself the day it arrived.
We were on the phone when she opened the box and needless to say, she loves it.  It makes my heart sing to know that she'll be snuggling with it for years to come.
I have 2 more sibling quilts to share so stay tuned.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Kathy's Adorable Chicken Quilt

 My customer Kathy brought me an applique quilt of adorable chickens to stitch up for her.


This quilt is for her daughter, who actually purchased the pattern and the fabric and asked her mom to make it for her. Although this would have been fun to add great details with some custom quilting, Kathy wanted only an edge to edge design.

This is what the top looked like before any stitching was added.
 Here a few of the cast of characters, both before and after.

I imagine Kathy had fun creating each of these blocks and her applique is fabulous.
I know the stitching is really hard to see.  Kathy wanted it to blend in the most against the block background fabric so as to not take away from the chicken wire print.
I know I wouldn't have the patience to complete something like this.


In this picture you can see the stitching a little better.  She chose the Expression pantograph.  I think it was perfect as the style of the loops mimics the comb on their heads and the wattles under their necks.
Glide thread in Warm Gray 6 was used on the top and Cool Gray 6 was used in the bobbin.
 The quilt now has a really nice overall texture that doesn't detract from the applique.
The backing fabric is a prairie theme gray print.
Again, it's tough to see the stitching in these pics but the amount of texture is just right.
Kathy's daughter is one lucky lady to have a mom who can create such an adorable quilt for her.



Monday, June 28, 2021

Vicious Villains Quilt for Anne

 Once upon a time, I saw a panel on a Facebook fabric selling group and new that instant that I had to buy it for my good friend Anne who is a huge Disney Villains fan.  Once the panel and the coordinating border and backing fabric arrive, I pieced it together and added it to the "to be quilted" pile and there it sat.  Forgotten about.  For way too long! 

One big thing the past year has brought front and center to my attention is to get my tail in high gear and get finished all these projects so that I can give them to the special people in my life that they are meant for.  Anne's birthday is in May so the plan was to get it completed as her gift.

Here's the result.
As many of you know, panel quilts typically don't look like much before the quilting is added and this one was no exception.
After the first row, I was happy with what I was seeing so far. Glide Medium Gray was the thread choice for this one.
Fresh off the frame.  What a difference!
Although I initially had a different panto in mind for this quilt, I ultimately chose to use Hurricane.  It had just the right amount of spikiness.
I was a tiny bit excited thinking about what Anne's reaction would be.  When I finished stitching down the binding and showed it to my hubby, even he said "she's going to love it!"
Sometimes, the wind blown pictures are fun but this is all the breeze I was getting that day.
When I purchased the panel and other fabrics, the shop owner didn't have enough of the pink print for the backing so I just pieced in another villains print I had along with a black spider web print. 
With all the business in the prints, the stitching isn't easy to see in the pic but it looks great in real life.  Black Glide thread was the obvious choice for the bobbin.
A couple of days after these photos were taken, it was gifted to the birthday girl and to tell you that she was beyond happy is a huge understatement.  She was absolutely giddy!
Anne has already decided that it's going to remain on her favorite chair to be snuggled with in the evenings when it's a bit chilly.  I'm beyond thrilled to finally have this one finished and to it's forever home.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Happenings in My Studio

I have 2 more finished and gifted quilts for my siblings to show you in a couple of upcoming posts but today I'm showing some work-in-process pics of the last one, which will be for my brother.  I've shared these on Instagram so if you follow me, you'll likely have already seen them.

It started with cutting 3 1/2" squares from 30 different fabrics that either were scraps leftover from other projects or fat quarters I had purchased over many years to round out the color palette for this quilt.  I'm using a range of creams, golds, brick reds, olives and browns. 

I stacked the squares to the left of my sewing machine so I could just grab and sew randomly to mix up the colors and the prints (I have the left print in 4 different colors in this).

I love how chain piecing makes quick work of sewing the pairs. 

Before long, I had the trios completed.

Next came sewing trios together.  I sewed randomly-ish, just keeping the same prints from being in the same block.  Luckily having so many prints in this didn't make that too difficult.
The last step in the block making was turning these into 9 patch blocks. The alternating blocks are Bella Linen which works well for lightening up the overall quilt while being a lot more subtle than something like White would have been. 
Yesterday I was able to get the lay out decided and sew pairs of blocks together before we had to head to Jammer's 8th grade moving up ceremony.  It's hard to believe he's heading to high school next year.  The big disappointment was that, although the various elementary schools in our district held in person outdoor moving up ceremonies for the 5th graders and the high school Seniors are having an in person graduation tomorrow outside at the football field, the 8th graders only got a drive by moving up ceremony.  I don't know why they shorted the 8th graders this year on their celebration and it definitely doesn't seem fair.  Even Jammer and his friends felt the same. Yes he desperately needs a hair cut!
Today is the last official day of school.  It's a half day.  Jammer is virtual today but I'll still pick up Sunshine up when they let her out for the year.  They're both looking forward to the time off, some summer camps and some much needed day trips and vacations for all of us.
 I'll still be doing a lot of sewing over the summer.  I have a huge To Do list of projects I need and/or want to get finished or at least in process so I'll be sharing more on those in the weeks to come.