Thursday, January 14, 2021

Carol's T-Shirt Quilt

Carol is a new customer and she brought me this t-shirt quilt to stitch up for her granddaughter.
We agreed that a medium size meander was the right design choice for this. Glide Cool Gray 3 thread was used on the top and a pale Gray So Fine thread was used in the bobbin.
I really like some of the shirts that were included in this quilt.  The Reeses's guy in the above photo and the Seven Dwarfs seen here are a couple of my favorites.  It's very rare these days to see anything Disney with the dwarfs on it and it brings back memories of my own childhood.
I didn't know before that we have Salty Dogs in Syracuse. I learned that it was a professional soccer team that only played for two seasons many years ago.
By using the meandering design, I was able to work around the faces in the photos easily.
The backing was another pieced design and was a combination of t-shirts and cotton fabric.  The addition of all those shirts made this a pretty heavy quilt.  When Carol brought me the quilt, she wasn't aware of the need to have extra inches for the backing on all sides so that it could be attached to the frame, so with her agreement, I added the cream solid fabric which she decided would be trimmed and turned to the front for the binding.
Being a Girl Scout leader myself, this vintage Brownie shirt is another favorite.
I'm guessing that her grandaughter loves cats as there were cat pictures and lot of other cat prints included in the back.
These prints are just so fun.
Carol told me that this quilt is long overdue and I'm sure her granddaughter was thrilled when she received it this Christmas.
I feel honored to be able to help my customers finish their cherished projects.  It makes my job so worthwhile.  I have one more to share with you that was stitched last year and I've already received a few to do this month so be sure to check back to see those finished quilts.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Charmaine's 2 Table Runners

The final few weeks of last year found me busy with the usual December craziness.....both kids' birthdays and all the craziness that surrounds Christmas.  Having a child who still believes in Santa (the older one has also yet to utter any suggestion that he knows the truth) is fun but exhausting.  The gift wrapping had to happen at a fast pace while they were in school, we had to remember to move our elf Twinkle every night and we had to set our alarm clock for midnight on Christmas Eve so we'd get up and get the gifts under the tree while they were sleeping.

We don't know if this was the last year for the secret, we'll just have to wait and see what happens next year, but at some point we know that the gig will be up.  I'm not sure if I'll feel happy or sad at that point but I know that everything will be easier, we won't have to go to great lengths to hide everything and we'll get to sleep through the night on Christmas eve.

Our holiday was quiet, like everyone else.  It was just us and my MIL for the day as it usually is but the big celebration on my side of the family for New Year's weekend was postponed until June. My niece is getting married then and we're hoping to be able to get together then to celebrate.

Once the big day was over, I spent a great deal of the following week in my sewing room and I'll be sharing what I created soon.  In the meantime, I have some more customer quilts to share with you.

 Before the holidays, my customer Charmaine brought me 2 table runners to quilt for her that were going to be Christmas gifts.

First up is the pretty batiks runner.  I really like the pattern and colors she used. 

As happens, sometimes, I forgot to take a "before" picture so that you can see the difference but I did take an "in process" photo when it was about half done.

The stitching made an already pretty table runner even prettier.


The panto design she chose for this one is Hurricane.  Glide thread in Mocha was used for the top and Light Tan was used in the bobbin.


I really like the way this turned out and I'm betting that whoever received this gift loves it too.

The 2nd table runner is this Blue one, which I think remember she telling me that it was created at a guild workshop early in the year.
This time I remembered to take a "before" pic.  I don't know the technique she used but it made for a really interesting design.
It was an overcast day when I took these pictures right before she came to pick them up so it's harder to see the stitching details in the pics.
The popular panto design Popcorn was her pick this time.  Glide Medium Gray and was used for the top and Light Tan again was in the bobbin.
I always enjoy quilting the pieces that Charmaine brings me to do for her as they're typically different and visually interesting and this one is no different.
I expect that she's been participating in more guild workshops recently, though virtually since that's all our guild is doing right now, so I figure she'll be calling soon with some more fun pieces for me to quilt.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Colleen's Santa Panel Quilt

Though I have a few more customer quilts completed to show you, this will be the last post of 2020.  Considering how difficult these past 9+ months has been overall for everyone, I just want to end this year on a sweet note. 
My customer Colleen made this sweet Santa panel quilt for herself and asked me to add the finishing touch to it for her.
The vintage scene reminds me of many of the images of Santa that I remember from my childhood. She also added a couple of simple borders on the panel to make it a nice lap size. This is the "before" photo. 
Here it is in process on the frame.  You can see the difference the quilting makes. Glide thread in Military Gold suited the colors in then panel and border fabrics perfectly.
Colleen chose the Mittens and Ice Skates panto for this one.  Here you can see the ice skates part of the design well.
In this area you can see the mittens and the funky stars that are also part of the stitch pattern.
This is a close up of the effect of the stitching.  It truly brings this panel quilt to life.
I love, love love the cute skiing reindeer print she brought for the back. White thread was used in the bobbin instead of Red to show a bit and not just blend in.
The quilting gives the back nice texture while at the same time not taking anything away from the cute motif.
I'm glad that Colleen finally made a quilt to keep for herself.  It turned out very sweet.
I know that she's working on something new to quilt and I can't wait to see what it is.  Stay tuned.


Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Colleen's Vintage Truck Panel Quilt

Between shopping, decorating, preparing for the holidays and celebrating the birthdays of both of my kids, the month of December is always extra crazy for me so now that the largest extent of the tasks are over, I can catch up with the last of the customer orders that I've quilted recently.

This is Colleen's vintage truck panel quilt.  Vintage trucks seems to be a popular theme this year.  I've seen lots of new holiday decorations with the motif.
I don't remember who she was gifting it to, but I'm sure the person is going to love it.
Before quilting.  Colleen added 2 simple borders on the panel to make it bigger.
The panel itself includes so many adorable holiday images, like the snowman and the puppy in the truck bed, helping to deliver the gifts.
Here's the on the frame, in process pic.  Isn't the little bunny so cute?  Glide thread in Candy Apple was her choice for the top thread.
Colleen chose the Snow Winds panto which showcases pretty snowflakes and point swirls.
The backing fabric is the same print as the outer border on the front.  In this photo, you can see how nicely the stitching shows on the back.  Glide thread in White was used in the bobbin.
It's great that the fabric companies are producing really wonderful panels that make it so easy for a piecer to stitch up a beautiful quilt to gift to a friend.
I just might have to search around the web to see if there are any panels that catch my eye.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Colleen's Blue Boxed Diamonds Quilt

 This is Colleen's Blue quilt for the other nephew that I mentioned in the previous post but she used a totally different pattern. I can't say which I like better.  They're both great. 

In process. The top thread is Omni Teal and although that sounds like it would look very Green-ish, it's actually a really pretty shade of Blue which worked perfectly for this one.

I truly love how the stitching takes a pretty quilt top.....

.....and transforms it into something fabulous. Whether the stitching is simpler edge to edge designs or intense custom work, once a top is quilted, it really shines.  The panto is Calder.
You'll chuckle at this.....I know for a fact that I took outside final pictures of this quilt because I did it at the same time as I took the pics for the other Blue quilt...but for the life of me I can't find where I saved those pics on my desktop.  So I can't share with you the "glamour" shots.
Oh well, I'll find them eventually.  When Colleen picked up the 2 Blue quilts, she brought me 2 more tops to stitch so I'll be sharing those with you next.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Colleen's Blue Quilt

To say that I've got a lot going on these days is a huge understatement. Between shopping for gifts, decorating the house (the tree's not done but everything else is), both kids' birthdays this month, my own quilt projects with deadlines, a few customer quilts and Girl Scouts....there's a lot on my plate. This morning I'm taking a few minutes before I get back into it to share another beauty recently completed for a customer.
Colleen brought me this pretty blue quilt to stitch up for her.  It's a gift for one of her nephews.  
I don't know what pattern she used (I might just have to ask her) but I like the way it turned out.  It has plenty of visual interest and the bits of dark tan give it the right amount of pop.
Here it is in process.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a "before" photo. She chose a pretty Glide Tar Heel thread for the front that shows just enough.  Glide in Mocha was used for the back.
Colleen chose the Modernish panto and we were both really happy with the way it helped soften the straight lines just a bit while also being a little masculine feeling.
For the backing she brought a nice subtle blue and black print that coordinated nicely with the front and was just "solid" enough that the quilting showed up somewhat.
I'm sure her nephew will love this quilt and will treasure it because she made it just for him.
Colleen brought me another quilt for another nephew to stitch so stay tuned for that reveal.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Susan's Sailboats Quilt

My friend Susan worked on this adorable sailboat quilt for quite a while. I'd hear about it when she brought me other tops to quilt for her. I was looking forward to seeing it when it finally came my way for it's finishing touch.
I was excited when she called to book it on my schedule.  This is the "before" quilting photo.
In process.
She made this quilt for the daughter and son-in-law who own a sailboat.  Isn't it fabulous!
The Waterworld panto was her design choice. It adds the perfect feel for the pieced blocks. The batting is Quilter's Dream 80/20 which I have available to purchase for my customers.   Thread was Glide Tar Heel on the front and Sky in the bobbin.
The backing she brought was a solid medium blue that shows off the stitching nicely. 
I'm sure that the daughter and son-in-law that received this quilt were thrilled and will remind them of warmer days and beautiful breezes on the water, especially while hunkering down during our cold, snowy winters.
There's no doubt that Susan is working on yet another fun quilt top that will come my way for stitching at some point in the future.  I can't wait to see what it will be.