Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tina's Giggles quilt

I had a visitor over the weekend. My sister Tina came up and together we got her Giggles quilt done, or at least almost done since she has to still add the binding.  She also brought a 2nd top to be quilted, a Christmas gift for her father in law, but since she's keeping this Giggles quilt for herself, she decided this was the better one to do first before she quilted the one that will be a gift.

Why did she want to do them herself?  She actually wanted to see if she likes longarm quilting.  She had a feeling that she would and she was right.  In fact, when I'm ready to upgrade to a bigger machine and frame (I've had the itch for a while now), she wants to buy my Penelope from me.  That will be a Win Win for both of us.

Here is her finished quilt.  It turned out really nice.  I did the first 2 rows so that she could watch and she how I moved the machine and then she did the rest, with only only getting her started on each new row.
For the back she chose a solid Sage Green fabric and it is fun to see how the quilting shows on it.
I picked the Dainty panto for this one and the design was perfect for complimenting the motifs in the fabrics.  Thread for the top was my favorite Silver Glide and we used a matching Sage Green for the bobbin.
As for that 2nd quilt that she brought with her, she quilted that one too but I can't show it to you yet.  You see it is still on the frame with 12 inches and one more row still yet to be finished.  She was quilting along while I worked on something else at my domestic machine Lucy when we both heard a loud noise.  After a little investigating, this is what I found.
A broken belt meant no more quilting for us.  Ugh!  With so little left to finish.  To say that we both were not the happiest of campers is an understatement.  I'm waiting for a call back from Steve Dekker to find out what type/size belt this is and whether or not I can get it locally or if he has to ship me one (actually 2 so that I have a spare), and then I can finish that quilt up for her fast.  Needless to say that I'm going to find out what other spare parts I should keep on hand so that I don't run into this type of problem again.

Sunday, November 15, 2015
Are you shocked?  Two posts in one day?  I haven't done that in a long time.
There is some really pretty work to show all of you today for this week's installment of Stunning Stitchin Sunday.
I've actually finished quilting a couple of tops myself recently and as soon as I get the bindings finished, I'll be able to show them but in the meantime enjoy all this gorgeous quilting by these ladies who are way more talented in this than me.

City Sampler At Your Own Pace Linky Party

Today is the 15th of the month and that means that it is time to show off your progress on your City Sampler for the At Your Own Pace Quilt Along.  I can't wait to see what all of you have been up to.
For myself, I don't have a ton to show you since a month ago but I have gotten to make a few blocks.  At the pace I'm going it will be a while before I complete them all but I'm ok with that.  This is a no schedule, no pressure quilt along.

So I made block #4.
And then I made block #5.  I like it but the more I looked at it and I thought about it, the fact that the cross design isn't so visible with the busy corner pieces, the more it bugged me.
So the next time I was able to get in some sewing time, I swapped out the corner bits for something less loud and I like the block this way better.  The cross is definitely recognizable now.
Next, as I mentioned before, instead of working on #6 next, yet another cross design, I headed over to the next chapter Rectangles and made block #16.
Then came block #17.
Here is my block #18 and as other have said before me, why the Purple photographs as Blue sometimes I have no clue.
Happily I was able to use up the swapped out pieces from block 5 in my version of block #19.
And to round out my 5 before I move onto the next chapter, this is block #20.
Here is my gallery of blocks so far.  I'm really having fun making these and love that they are a nice little break from the quilting and binding I've been doing lately with other quilt tops.

So now it is your turn to link up to show your progress so far.  Hopefully by next month, I'll have more to share.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Stunning Stitchin Sunday

You must be living in a cave if you haven't seen all of the wonderful posts about Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival that are so abundant right now. I know that I'm loving it and it really is getting my creative ideas flowing. 
Since so many were in Houston, there hasn't been as much quilting going on but there is still some beautiful work to show you today.

With the calendar turning to November I feel that the start of the downward spiral to the dreaded W word is here and my longtime readers know that I'm not happy about that one bit.  The only bright side I'm looking forward to is hopefully I'll be able to get a lot more sewing done.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Have you seen this?

I've been reading blog posts about Quilt Market (which I hope to see myself one day) and just heard about this new line that debuted there.
I've got to have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lots and lots of it!
OMG I love it so much and it is so perfect for me.
I'm already designing a quilt for it in my head though I'm too excited to actually get a real plan in place.
At the moment.  The ideas will gel at some point I'm sure.

The big sob story part of this fun news is that it isn't available until June.
It is going to be hard waiting that long to get my hands on it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More Castles on the Horizon quilts are in process

I can't tell you how excited I am to be watching all the versions of my Castles on the Horizon quilt that I designed for the Moda Bake Shop come to life on Instagram.  I literally squeal each time I see a post.  I just have to share the pics with you.

This really bold color one is being made by Britta (IG: greatbritten66).  Love it!
Brooke (IG: thequiltyox) has her blocks sewn together.
And last for today but certainly not least, Cathy (IG: cathyewbank) has completed her top.  Don't you just love the calm feel of this one? I know that I do.
If you want to follow along with these ladies too their hashtag is #charmpions and there is another one, #charmpionsqal.  Thank you again to all the members of this IG group for choosing my pattern.  I am truly humbled.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Stunning Stitchin Sunday - a Monday edition

It's been a long time since I've posted a Stunning Stitchin Sunday showcase. With all the Girl Scout Troop Organizer work that I've been doing over the past 3+ months, I got really behind on blog reading and am happy to say that I am finally caught up. Thankfully the season for my duties so I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming blogging wise.
While getting caught up on what everyone else has been doing, I cam across some beautiful quilting that I wanted to share with you.  This is by no means all of it, just what has been posted about on the blogs that I follow over the past couple of weeks.
Of course, you can tell that since I'm posting this on a Monday that I didn't get time to do it yesterday (we had yet another Girl Scout event) but I'm betting that you still want to see all the beautiful work happening on the interwebs.  Make sure you hop over to each blog and show the quilter some love!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

City Sampler At Your Own Pace linky party

I'm happy to report that I actually got a chance to make a few of my City Sampler blocks recently for my City Sampler At Your Pace Quilt Along. 
I'm making all of my blocks with Halloween prints. Here is block #1. 
After making the first one, I wanted to immediate make more but I had to run a bunch of errands and  so I had to wait. The next day I was able to get back into my studio and make a couple more. This is block #2. 
And here is block #3. I love how these are coming out. 
So here's my start of my City Sampler Halloween quilt. Since I'll be making all 100 blocks I have a long way to go but since there is no timeline for this quilt along, I'll just make more as time allows. 
I originally thought that I was going to make them in order that the are presented in the book but since the first grouping is 15 cross style blocks I know that I will be itching to make others before I get all 15 done. So instead I'm going to make 5 from chapter and then allow myself to move onto a different section. 

So if you are sewing along with me, how are your City Sampler blocks coming along? 

The linky party will remain open for a week. I can't wait to see your progress.  

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Custom baby hooded towel - a tutorial

Recently my friend Heather asked me to recreate what she said was the best baby gift she received for her son to give to a friend who is expecting a baby girl soon.  It is a hooded baby towel made with a real towel so it is much bigger, thicker and snugglier.
I borrowed the one her son received (he still uses it 8 years later) so that I could see how it was made.  It really is easy and turns out so nice so I thought you might be interested in seeing how it is done.

For this project you will need 1 standard size bath towel in your choice of colors and 1 matching hand towel plus enough ribbon to add to both ends of the bath towel and one end of the hand towel in the appropriate width to cover the flattened area of the towels.  Heather purchased this Royal Velvet towel from JC Penney's and brought me this pretty Purple Polka Dot Ribbon to use.  I believe it was a 9 foot roll. 

First cut a length of ribbon to the width of the bath towel, adding a little bit on both ends to tuck under.
Using coordinating thread and a 1/8" seam from the edge of the ribbon, sew it to the towel, making sure to tuck the ends under as you get to them, pivot at the corner and then continue down the side.
Do the same for the opposite end of the towel.  Here is this one all done.  It is so much prettier already.
Next add a length of ribbon to one end of the hand towel.  Then measure 12" from that end and.....
...cut off the excess.  Yes, if you are wondering, it was tough cutting that wonderful thick towel.
Fold the hand towel in half, right sides together.
Sew together the two rough cut sides.  I don't have a serger so I used a close zigzag stitch instead and went over it twice to give the seam added strength and this enclosed the raw edges a bit.
This is the completed hood.
The next step is to actually sew it to the bath towel.  On the long side of the bath towel, find the middle and place a pin there.  Open up the hood part and do the same.
Match up both center pins and then pin the long side of the hood to the bath towel.
Take it back to your machine to sew them together, adjusting the edges of the pieces as you go to keep them aligned.
Again I used a zigzag stitch here.
Then to give the seam added holding power I went back and also stitched a straight line along the edge right under the line of zigzag stitching.  You can choose to do this or not depending on the towels you use. 
Here is the hood completely sewn to the bath towel.
Viola!  The completed custom baby hooded towel.  I so like this better than the premade ones.
If you are wondering what I did with the part of the hand towel that was cut off.  Well I just couldn't waste it.  Instead I had just enough ribbon left to sew to the other end and after folding under the raw edge twice and securing it together, I used a decorative stitch on my machine to give it its own flattened area at the opposite side (I have no idea what they call that part of a towel).  Now the new mom will have a matching wash cloth to go with the hooded towel.
Heather also brought me a matching washcloth so I too added ribbon to that one and this is the completed 3 piece set.
I had to beg Sunshine to model it for me quickly for a couple of photos so that you can see just how big this is.  All she wanted to do was go and play.  You can't blame her as yesterday was a beautiful day here.
I really love this project and will definitely be making one for friends that have new babies in the future.  This is so much thicker and more luxurious than purchased hooded towels and it is a ton bigger so they will get that much more use out of it.

I hope you like this little tutorial and please share pictures of any versions that you make.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Kate Spain Christmas Charm Swap is done!

There is one other big thing that has happened here lately.
The Kate Spain Christmas Charm Swap has been completed.
Just look at all these gorgeous charms the participants received!
There were a number of packages that arrived late so sending these out got delayed a bit.  One package actually went MIA and never arrived at all.  The participants were willing to wait a little longer to see if it showed up (which it still hasn't to this day).  The person that sent them chose to purchase more fabrics and on my suggestion had them shipped directly to me.  Once I got them in my hands and cut them for her, all of the packages where quickly stuffed and sent on their way.
Even with the few problems there were getting this swap done, I'm so glad that I did it.  There is no other way I would have ever been able to get such a pretty variety of Kate's Christmas lines to turn into a holiday quilt for myself.
I thought I knew exactly what pattern I was going to use for my charms but I took it out recently and now am second guessing my decision.  I'm on the hunt for a new idea though I still might go back to my original plan. 

Thank you to all those who participated and thank you for your understanding during the delay.  I hope you love your charms and I can't wait to see what you create with them so please share when you do.