Saturday, July 22, 2023

Janice's Bed Runner Quilts

 My customer Janice received a whole pile of beautiful tiny pieced blocks from the family of a quilter that had passed.  She decided to make smaller quilts with the blocks and gift them back to the family and to a charity.

The first project I quilted for her is this fabulous Red, White and Blue quilt with the 8 point stars. 

This "before" picture shows how pretty the top is even before it received it's stitching "bling".

The stars are only 4" square and the piecing is impeccable.  Whoever stitched these was a master.

Being that this one is Red, White and Blue the Shooting Stars pantograph was the right choice.

I'm sure you'll agree that it turned out very pretty.

Janice brought me bright Blue minky for the backing.  She was worried about how well it would work as she had heard stories from other quilters but this quilted up beautifully.

She chose Glide Cool Gray 3 (my go to thread for tops where White thread isn't right) for the top and So Fine Misty Blue for the backing.

We were both thrilled with the results.

The 2nd quilt was this Blue and Green Bear Paw design. Again, the center Bear Paw blocks were only 4" square.  So tiny and so perfect.

Here's the "Before" photo.

Breath of the Gods was her pantograph choice for this one and I love the way it brought gentle movement to the entire quilt.

The stitch design was subtle enough to not take away from the awesomeness that was the pieced blocks. I just can't imagine piecing blocks that tiny.

The same Blue minky backing was used for this quilt also.  I love how the stitching shows so well.

These were such a pleasure to quilt for Janice.  She told me that she has a lot more of these tiny blocks so there will be more pretty quilts from Janice to share with you in the future.

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