Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Jammer's Primary Bee Quilt

I've been feeling really good about getting long awaiting projects crossed off my To Do list. This is the newest UFO to receive my attention.

Way back in 2014 I hosted the Primary Bee. My kids wanted to participate in some sewing and I thought this would be a great way for them to connect with other kids who were sewing too. We had 12 kids, including my 2, participating.


Jammer's month was towards the bottom of the list. He only received some of the Sawtooth Star blocks in Red, White and Blue that he requested.  These are the 9 blocks that I had to work with. All but 1 were the right size so I only had to unsew the parts of 1 block to make it work.

I just had to revisit the pictures I had taken when he was working on the blocks for the bee mates.  He was such a good student and he really concentrated on doing a good job.


He was really proud of the blocks he made.

I came up with a rough plan to make a usable size quilt and pulled out my Red, White and Blue scrap mini charms to use.

Adding White sashing strips to the sides of the blocks was the first step.

Scrappy Red and Blue strips (I skipped the White) were added next and then White sashing to the tops and bottoms of each row.  Can you figure out yet where I'm going with this?













Lots more scrap mini charms are in the process of being added next so stay tuned.

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