Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Colleen's Christmas Vintage Fire Truck Quilt #2

My customer Colleen likes to make panel quilts and the newest one using this adorable vintage truck is another beauty.
Here is the "before" photo showing how it looked once it was loaded on the frame. 
There really was only one perfect chose for the stitching design for this one - the Holly Berries panto.  Glide thread in Candy apple was the right compliment for the quilt's colors.
All done.  This panto always stitches out so nicely.
Another rainy, overcast day meant the pictures had to be taken indoors.  Oh well.  You can still see how great this turned out.
How can you not just love holly berries stitching with holly berries fabric?
Another vintage red truck print was the backing Colleen provided.  Again Glide thread was used on the back, this time in Bark.
Whether Colleen is keeping this one for herself or gifting it, I'm betting it will be an annual holiday addition to the decorations. 
 Have you ever made a panel quilt?  With so many fabulous panels available, I'm betting there are some that would appeal to you.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Kate's Jeweled Squares Quilt and blog commenting whoes

I can't stand it when Blogger changes something that makes blogging harder.  I want to scream at them Why!  I've been doing some blog reading through Feedly as I've gotten way behind again but I haven't been able to comment on most of them.  When I click on the comment link, it asks me to sign into Blogger.  When I click on that, it wants me to start a new blog (um, No!) or if I switch which Google account I'm using, it just goes to my own blog.  If anyone knows how to fix this so that I can comment on other quilters' blogs again, please let me know.
Anyway, enough of my whining for now.  I have another pretty client quilt to share.
The other top that Kate sent me to quilt is this really pretty jeweled squares on point.This one was going to be a gift for her nephew.
This is how it looked once it was loaded on the frame.  
The Black was actually a Black with Gray print.  The wonderful variety of colors Kate used was nicely spread across the entire top.
Here you can see a better detail of the background fabric she used.
The sunshine was just gorgeous for the photo shoot that day.
The thread choice for the top and back was an unconventional one, but one that I believe worked well.  Instead of using Black or a Gray, I chose Omni in Teal.  It had just the right feel to let the stitching show without overpowering the piecing or being invisible.
I again picked a different panto, with Kate's blessing, as I felt this one worked better with the quilt design.  This is Parchment by Natalie Gorman.
The backing fabric was the same Black and Gray print and the stitching shows so nicely, perfect for a young adult guy.  Quilters Dream Black batting.
When the package arrived and Kate got to see the finished result, she was thrilled which made me happy.  Having customers that trust that I'm going to pick the best design and threads to enhance their piecing makes my job all that more enjoyable. 
Kate's nephew is one lucky fella to receive this beautiful gift.  I'm sure it will be well loved and he will always think of his thoughtful aunt every time he snuggles under it.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Kate's Braid Quilt

Receiving work in the mail is always fun as I have no idea what's inside until I open the box. My client Kate sent me 2 tops to quilt for her. This is the first one, which she made for her niece.
This is the "Before" photo. Kate used great bright colors, perfect for a teenage girl.
Kate picked out a different pantograph and when I auditioned it before I started stitching, I wasn't thrilled with the look.  She trusted my judgement to pick a design that suited the top and backing better and Daisies turned out to be the right choice.
 Here is the "after" photo.  What a difference!
The backing she sent coordinated with the stitch design perfectly.
Quilters Dream 80/20 batting, King Tut Cotton Candy variegated thread on the top and So Fine Lilac was used on the back.
Don't you just love how the quilting brings the whole thing to life?
This was a pleasure to stitch for Kate and I'm sure her niece was thrilled to receive this pretty quilt.
Next up is another great quilt pieced by Kate.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Colleen's Hanging Garden Quilt

Now that Girl Scout cookie sale season is finally over, I can get caught up on posting. I have so many pretty quilts to share with you.
First up is this beautiful Hanging Garden quilt made by my customer Colleen.

I absolutely love the fabrics and the colors she chose for this quilt.
Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating when it came time for the photo shoot so they had to be taken indoors.  That's what happens when you need to get the pictures done because the customer is coming to pick it up.
You can see the beautiful finished quilt better in this pic which I snapped right after it came off the frame.  The lighting in my studio is better so you can see the details.
I love how the stitching added so much visual interest to all the open spaces and just made this quilt even prettier than it was before.
Colleen picked the Feather me panto design and it was the perfect choice.
The backing fabric is this pretty Yellow print that is definitely brighter in person.
The stitching design shows nicely on the back too.
It was hard giving this one back as I really like the way it turned out.
I have had this pattern in my files for a long time and finishing this quilt for Colleen is giving me the motivation to finally take it out and start planning to make one of my own.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Riding the Rails - a new published pattern

I'm way behind on posting including another big announcement.
I've got another new pattern published. It's in the newly released Rolling Along from Moda Bake Shop and Martingale Publishing.
The designers have been/are hosting giveaways to share the news of this great new book. Due to my hectic schedule during Girl Scout cookie season (which is now, thankfully, done for this year), I've missed sharing the news (so sorry), but you can still enter Jen Daly's giveaway on Instagram at @jendalyquilts which ends tomorrow, June 10th.

I'll be posting my giveaway on IG on Saturday, June 11th, and the entries will close on Tuesday the 14th.  You won't want to miss entering for a chance to win not only the book but a kit to make my quilt.  There will also be a 2nd prize of both this book and the earlier released book.

Stay tuned!