Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Kate's Jeweled Squares Quilt and blog commenting whoes

I can't stand it when Blogger changes something that makes blogging harder.  I want to scream at them Why!  I've been doing some blog reading through Feedly as I've gotten way behind again but I haven't been able to comment on most of them.  When I click on the comment link, it asks me to sign into Blogger.  When I click on that, it wants me to start a new blog (um, No!) or if I switch which Google account I'm using, it just goes to my own blog.  If anyone knows how to fix this so that I can comment on other quilters' blogs again, please let me know.
Anyway, enough of my whining for now.  I have another pretty client quilt to share.
The other top that Kate sent me to quilt is this really pretty jeweled squares on point.This one was going to be a gift for her nephew.
This is how it looked once it was loaded on the frame.  
The Black was actually a Black with Gray print.  The wonderful variety of colors Kate used was nicely spread across the entire top.
Here you can see a better detail of the background fabric she used.
The sunshine was just gorgeous for the photo shoot that day.
The thread choice for the top and back was an unconventional one, but one that I believe worked well.  Instead of using Black or a Gray, I chose Omni in Teal.  It had just the right feel to let the stitching show without overpowering the piecing or being invisible.
I again picked a different panto, with Kate's blessing, as I felt this one worked better with the quilt design.  This is Parchment by Natalie Gorman.
The backing fabric was the same Black and Gray print and the stitching shows so nicely, perfect for a young adult guy.  Quilters Dream Black batting.
When the package arrived and Kate got to see the finished result, she was thrilled which made me happy.  Having customers that trust that I'm going to pick the best design and threads to enhance their piecing makes my job all that more enjoyable. 
Kate's nephew is one lucky fella to receive this beautiful gift.  I'm sure it will be well loved and he will always think of his thoughtful aunt every time he snuggles under it.

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