Saturday, June 24, 2017

A new finish - 100 Good Wishes Quilt for Isabella

I believe I made someone cry yesterday.  But they were happy tears so it's ok. 
This afternoon Kim received the bigger 100 Good Wishes Quilt for Isabella. 

As with the pieces for the small cuddle size quilt I received from Kim to remake, the same person who attempted to make this quilt made a mess of these pieces too. Thankfully it wasn't a huge chore to undo what she did and start over again. 

Just like the original plan for the smaller quilt this quilt too was to have a black tone on tone Chinese calligraphy fabric for the sashing. I believed that it would have made the entire quilt feel very dark so Kim was happy to let me recommend something else.  I chose Moda Marbles in Vanilla.   Here is an in process photo. 
The finished quilt top came together easily enough. Since I had to recut the blocks to get them square and straight the max size I was able to cut them to was 4 1/4" (3 3/4" finished). To keep the scale appropriate I used 1 3/4" sashing (1 1/4"finished).  The border was cut at 4".  
I found the perfect backing fabric that Kim just loved (you'll see it below). When planning to quilt it I had a couple of specific pantos in mind but when I auditioned them, both were too busy for the scale and simplicity of this one.  Luckily I had one more that turned out to be perfect. It is Seaside and it provided just the right feel on this quilt.
So without further ado, this is the completed quilt.
Once the binding was complete we had nothing but rain here for many days so I had to wait to get pictures of it.  As soon as the sun came out I hurried to take the shots but the shadows from the house didn't help to show the true colors.
I always like to get some fun "wind blown" pictures but the wind wasn't cooperating much that day.  This was the best I could do.
That perfect backing I mentioned?  This is it (though it's tough to see from this angle).  Kim finds great peace at the beach so I found a print in soft calming tones with a scene of sand dunes, boats on the water and beach chairs.  I love it and Kim does too.
Here you can see better the print on the backing along with the two embroidered blocks I received that I decided to use as the quilt label.
This picture taken inside better shows the lovely texture of the quilting.
The Seaside panto definitely gives a feeling of waves over this beachy scene.
It was a pleasure to finally make this quilt for Kim and Isabella and I know that it will be treasured for years to come.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sneak peak

I have a new toy. But....I'm only going to show you this much of her at the moment. A proper introduction will be made soon.
She's actually been here for a little while but her new space wasn't ready. You see...her frame is longer than Penelope's and it wouldn't fit in my studio so she needed a new room of her own.

On the day of delivery the only thing visible that gave a hint of the future space was the 2 partial walls of 2 x 4 studs. Hubs has spent countless hours running the electrical, putting up the walls and installing the trim.  He actually rewired most of the basement so that this room would be on it's own separate circuit and so the three way switches would work correctly when entering from the connecting areas. He recently finished all the construction so all that was left was painting and moving in.  This is one wall that backs to the stairs.
He decided to not put up the wide bead board (much easier and prettier than drywall) on the 2 outside walls since the required studs would have made the already snug space that much tighter.  I'll hang pretty quilts over those areas later.
On the other side of this wall is his model train area.
The painting is done and I've moved all the longarm related items from the upstairs studio to here.  We still need to re-level the frame (it got moved around a bit during construction) and then I can take some pictures of the final room result and introduce my new baby. 

Stay tuned.