Monday, March 29, 2021

Gail's Simple Patchwork Quilt

I'm grateful that one of the local quilt shops has been recommending me to their customers recently who are looking for someone to help them finish their project.  Gail is one of those new customers.  This quilt is for her granddaughter and her granddaughter helped with the piecing.

When I went to load it on my frame, I ran into an issue, as you can see here.  I took it off the frame, measured it in multiple places, and found that the measurements varied a great deal.  I took pictures and called my customer who chose to have me fix it.
When I removed the borders, this is what I had to work with. 
The right side was more out of alignment than the left side, as you can see here.
I cut the borders to the proper sizes and reattached them, using some creative pinning to "straighten out" the sides as much as possible.  The result still had a little waviness but nothing that I couldn't handle on the frame through careful pinning and some spray starch.
This view was much better than the original.
Once the issues were worked out, it quilted up beautifully and the stitching added so much interest to the simple piecing.  Once it was done, you couldn't tell there were problems at all.
The panto design she chose was Calder.  Her granddaughter wasn't a flowers type of girl so this design definitely worked.  Glide Cool Gray 3 (my most requested color) was used for the top and Glide Mermaid was used in the bobbin.
The backing fabric was the same pretty Aqua and Green print used she used for the borders.
Gail was thrilled with the way it turned out and I'm sure her granddaughter was too.
I'm so glad that it only took a little of my time to correct the issues and be able to give my customer a beautiful finished quilt. 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Where have I been?

 I don't think any blogger means to not post for almost 2 months.  Certainly I don't but sometimes life gets in the way of things we want to do.  What have I been up to lately?

Sunshine hasn't had any motivation to work on the new quilt for her bed so when I asked if she wanted help, she readily said Yes.  At the rate she was going, this quilt was never going to get done.  All of the blocks are sewn and I'm working on adding the faces before I add the sashing and border.  This quilt will get finished before long.

I also finished piecing the Bella quilt for my bed.  You know the old saying...the shoe maker's children didn't have any shoes?  Well for all the quilts that I've made as cuddle quilts here or that I've made for others, I hadn't made one for our own bed.  The pandemic gave me the opportunity to finally get this under way.  I started cutting last May and then it got put aside for a couple of other projects but once those were finished after the holidays, this came back to the top of the list.  Now I just need to get it quilted and bound.
These are the culprit that has been robbing me of sewing time.  Yes it's Girl Scout cookie season here.  Not only do I help my daughter with her own sales but I'm the Cookie Mom for my troop and the Cookie Manager for my enter service unit (neighborhood area of troops).  Our service unit is the largest in our council of 15 counties and although we aren't allowed to booth sales this year, there's still inventory to manage, numbers to crunch and figures to reconcile with the baker's program used to manage the sale.
Without being able to sell at booths this year, our troop sales are down, which is to be expected.  We're saving for trips to NYC to see a Broadway show and Washington DC so we're happy with just being able to sell at all this year.  Hopefully next year, everything will be back to normal and we can work hard to earn funds to help pay for these future trips.
There has been a bunch of secret sewing also going on here but unfortunately I can't talk about any of it yet.  Just trust me....some of it is really exciting and I can wait to share the great news!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Linda's Diamond Quilt

My customer Linda recently brought me this beautiful Brown, Black and Gray diamond quilt to stitch up for her. She told me that she made this pattern once before for a charity raffle and always regretted giving it away so she decided to make another one for herself.  
 She chose to do an asymmetrical finish for the borders.
This is the photo I took once it was loaded on my frame. 
 Her color placement and balance is fabulous and her piecing skills are near perfection. Every point was spot on.
I love working on projects like this one....where the stitching just adds so much life to the intricate piecing and the overall design of the top.
Linda chose the Feather Me panto for the stitching design and she wanted it to be very open and flowing while still softening the straight lines.

 The backing is a soft cream fabric with pale brown shading. 
The stitching shows really well on the almost solid fabric. 
I also learned that Linda is a life long hand quilter but decided to have me longarm quilt this top so that she could get it done.  I'm glad she trusted me to help her finish her project.
When Linda picked this quilt up, she brought me another beautiful and truly unique top to quilt for for stay tuned for that post.  You'll definitely want to see how that one turned out.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Carol's T-Shirt Quilt

Carol is a new customer and she brought me this t-shirt quilt to stitch up for her granddaughter.
We agreed that a medium size meander was the right design choice for this. Glide Cool Gray 3 thread was used on the top and a pale Gray So Fine thread was used in the bobbin.
I really like some of the shirts that were included in this quilt.  The Reeses's guy in the above photo and the Seven Dwarfs seen here are a couple of my favorites.  It's very rare these days to see anything Disney with the dwarfs on it and it brings back memories of my own childhood.
I didn't know before that we have Salty Dogs in Syracuse. I learned that it was a professional soccer team that only played for two seasons many years ago.
By using the meandering design, I was able to work around the faces in the photos easily.
The backing was another pieced design and was a combination of t-shirts and cotton fabric.  The addition of all those shirts made this a pretty heavy quilt.  When Carol brought me the quilt, she wasn't aware of the need to have extra inches for the backing on all sides so that it could be attached to the frame, so with her agreement, I added the cream solid fabric which she decided would be trimmed and turned to the front for the binding.
Being a Girl Scout leader myself, this vintage Brownie shirt is another favorite.
I'm guessing that her grandaughter loves cats as there were cat pictures and lot of other cat prints included in the back.
These prints are just so fun.
Carol told me that this quilt is long overdue and I'm sure her granddaughter was thrilled when she received it this Christmas.
I feel honored to be able to help my customers finish their cherished projects.  It makes my job so worthwhile.  I have one more to share with you that was stitched last year and I've already received a few to do this month so be sure to check back to see those finished quilts.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Charmaine's 2 Table Runners

The final few weeks of last year found me busy with the usual December craziness.....both kids' birthdays and all the craziness that surrounds Christmas.  Having a child who still believes in Santa (the older one has also yet to utter any suggestion that he knows the truth) is fun but exhausting.  The gift wrapping had to happen at a fast pace while they were in school, we had to remember to move our elf Twinkle every night and we had to set our alarm clock for midnight on Christmas Eve so we'd get up and get the gifts under the tree while they were sleeping.

We don't know if this was the last year for the secret, we'll just have to wait and see what happens next year, but at some point we know that the gig will be up.  I'm not sure if I'll feel happy or sad at that point but I know that everything will be easier, we won't have to go to great lengths to hide everything and we'll get to sleep through the night on Christmas eve.

Our holiday was quiet, like everyone else.  It was just us and my MIL for the day as it usually is but the big celebration on my side of the family for New Year's weekend was postponed until June. My niece is getting married then and we're hoping to be able to get together then to celebrate.

Once the big day was over, I spent a great deal of the following week in my sewing room and I'll be sharing what I created soon.  In the meantime, I have some more customer quilts to share with you.

 Before the holidays, my customer Charmaine brought me 2 table runners to quilt for her that were going to be Christmas gifts.

First up is the pretty batiks runner.  I really like the pattern and colors she used. 

As happens, sometimes, I forgot to take a "before" picture so that you can see the difference but I did take an "in process" photo when it was about half done.

The stitching made an already pretty table runner even prettier.


The panto design she chose for this one is Hurricane.  Glide thread in Mocha was used for the top and Light Tan was used in the bobbin.


I really like the way this turned out and I'm betting that whoever received this gift loves it too.

The 2nd table runner is this Blue one, which I think remember she telling me that it was created at a guild workshop early in the year.
This time I remembered to take a "before" pic.  I don't know the technique she used but it made for a really interesting design.
It was an overcast day when I took these pictures right before she came to pick them up so it's harder to see the stitching details in the pics.
The popular panto design Popcorn was her pick this time.  Glide Medium Gray and was used for the top and Light Tan again was in the bobbin.
I always enjoy quilting the pieces that Charmaine brings me to do for her as they're typically different and visually interesting and this one is no different.
I expect that she's been participating in more guild workshops recently, though virtually since that's all our guild is doing right now, so I figure she'll be calling soon with some more fun pieces for me to quilt.  Stay tuned.