Quilt Preparation Instructions

*** Important Information ***
Please read before sending me your quilt top.

Careful preparation of your quilt top, batting and backing will ensure the best possible results for your quilt.   
Notice: Due to allergies I am unable to accept quilts from smokers or that have a strong fragrance Heavy scented items cause me to get migraines.  Thank you for your understanding.
*Quilts are put on my schedule in the order they are received.  You are welcome to drop it off if you are local or it can be mailed to me, if you are not local. 

*Turn around time is dependent on the number of quilts in line ahead of you.  I strive to keep within 2-3 weeks but heavy volume times, such as before Christmas, can extend the wait time for your quilt to be completed.  Email me if you'd like an estimate of the current wait time.

*  Batting and backing must be a minimum of 4 inches bigger on each side.  If your quilt measures 60" x 72" then your batting and backing needs to be 68" x 80". The extra backing material and batting is necessary to load the quilt onto my longarm machine. Black batting is recommended if your quilt top and backing are dark.
*  Please have your quilt top and backing as square (or rectangular if applicable) as possible to facilitate proper longarm machine loading and successful longarm quilting. If your quilt top is not "square" before it is quilted it most likely will not be square when you receive it back.

*  I use high-quality threads designed for longarm machines such as So Fine, Glide, King Tut, Omni and Superior.  Solid color thread is included in the pricing for both the top and the back.  Variegated or specialty thread is available at an additional cost.

*  Trim all loose threads on the quilt top and on the underside as well.  The need to constantly stop to trim threads will result in an additional fee.  Loose threads not trimmed on the underside of your quilt top may show through on the front. 

*  If your outside border is pieced, sew a line all the way around 1/8" from the edge of the quilt top to secure the edges.

*  Check your top carefully for loose/open seams and repair prior to sending it to me.  If you don't, the machine's foot might get caught and rip your quilt and I am not responsible if this happens.

*  Press your top flat, as well as from the back and press all seams well, preferably towards the darker fabric.  

*  If you are piecing your backing, use a 1/2 inch seam sewn horizontally. If you are using 3 pieces of fabric to piece the backing, put the largest piece in the middle.

*  Please keep all layers (quilt top, batting and backing) separate. DO NOT bast the quilt top, batting and backing together.  I am not able to longarm quilt any quilt sandwich that has been spray basted.  Fold each part separately, place in a plastic bag (to protect in case the box gets opens during shipping) and place in a box.  

*  An estimate will be provided and a signed copy of the estimate is required if you ship to me.

*  Quilting is by reservation only once the top, batting and backing and the 50% deposit is received.  Final payment is required when picking up your quilt or before return via the mail.  Checks must clear (7 days waiting) before your quilt is shipped back to you.

* I strive to provide the best work possible however I am a human and cannot guarantee absolute perfection.  The condition of your quilt top, batting and backing greatly influences the quality of the finished quilt.  Any issues will be noted and discussed with you prior to any work starting.

* I request that you indicate that Michele Kuhns of Crayon Box Quilt Studio performed your longarm quilting if you enter your quilt into any show or competition.  I can provide business cards upon request.

*  My home is smoke free and I do have 2 cats who aren't allowed near the quilts.  If you have any allergy concerns, please let me know in advance.

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