Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Linda's Diamond Quilt

My customer Linda recently brought me this beautiful Brown, Black and Gray diamond quilt to stitch up for her. She told me that she made this pattern once before for a charity raffle and always regretted giving it away so she decided to make another one for herself.  
 She chose to do an asymmetrical finish for the borders.
This is the photo I took once it was loaded on my frame. 
 Her color placement and balance is fabulous and her piecing skills are near perfection. Every point was spot on.
I love working on projects like this one....where the stitching just adds so much life to the intricate piecing and the overall design of the top.
Linda chose the Feather Me panto for the stitching design and she wanted it to be very open and flowing while still softening the straight lines.

 The backing is a soft cream fabric with pale brown shading. 
The stitching shows really well on the almost solid fabric. 
I also learned that Linda is a life long hand quilter but decided to have me longarm quilt this top so that she could get it done.  I'm glad she trusted me to help her finish her project.
When Linda picked this quilt up, she brought me another beautiful and truly unique top to quilt for for stay tuned for that post.  You'll definitely want to see how that one turned out.