Sunday, August 26, 2012

Planning Ahead for 2013 & a Poll

With the end of the Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin and the Halloween See Saw Swap coming in the next couple of months, I've been thinking ahead to 2013 and what sorts of these sorts of events I might want to host. So many of you that are participating are having a great time so far and want to do more. I'm certainly not going to say No to that. I also have a totally different sort of swap in the planning stages too.

So the big question looms.....what sorts of events should we do? The Modern Mystery one for sure and you know that I'm putting a Halloween one on the schedule (as long as there are others willing to play along), but what others are you interested in? This inquiring mind wants to know.

In the future, all Mini Round Robins will be a group of 6 quilters each and will obviously run for 6 months. The current groups of 8 are working just fine but I think that groups of 6 for future ones will be easier to manage.

The See Saw Swaps will be between 2 people, you send the piece back and forth to each other for 6 months.

Please vote in the poll below so that I can have some clue as to what my readers want to see in the coming year. I ask that you only vote if you would plan on participating in one or more of these events. That will give me an idea of how many people are truly interested. You won't be held to the fire if when it comes time and you aren't able to fit it into your schedule but for planning purposes I need some ballpark number of how many of you would like to play along.

Which themed Mini Round Robins and/or See Saw Swaps would you join in during 2013 and which format do you prefer?
Mystery Round Robin
4th of July
Other-tell me in your comments
I prefer Mini Round Robins
I prefer Mini See Saw Swaps
Create your own poll

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sew, Sew Wicked!

Ya had to know that I would be beyond excited about this hop and I am. My Ghastlies fabrics are going to be the stars, and maybe some of my other Halloween stash will get in there too. Who knows what sorts of Wicked blocks I will come up with? I'm certainly not telling yet what I'm planning to conjour up.

If you want to join in on the fun, you'd better hurry on over, read the rules details and get yourself signed up post haste. They are limiting the number of participants for this one and you don't want to miss out on all the Wicked fun!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Enter a quilt show.....Me?

The short story is:

One of the quilters participating in my Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin is Vicki. She lives in my other home turf area, the one where hubs is from and where my mom, youngest sister and brother have lived for 20+ years. I even lived there too for a while before hubs and I moved to this area.

Anyway I had emailed Vicki about an upcoming quilt show next month and thought she'd like to come. We could finally meet in person. Unfortunately the dates don't work for her but she did suggest that I come to her guild's show the following weekend.

I could do that. I know that area well. Then she actually suggested that I enter a quilt or two in their show. What? Me enter a quilt in a show? Little thankfully-not-too-old-yet me?

I was honored that she thought my work is worthy. Well after a little pondering, I figured why not? I never planned on quilting to enter shows but I can't see any reason not to. The fee is very inexpensive and it would be cool to see my quilts hanging for all to see.

Now the next be judged or not? It is only a couple of dollars more for this and while I certainly don't need to have the approval of official judges, it would be nice to read the suggestions they provide in their report. Plus it would be ultra awesome if I actually won a ribbon. Icing on the cake so to say.

So I've decided to do both...enter a few of my quilts and get them judged. But then the biggest question of all looms? Which ones to enter? I don't want to enter them all. Just a couple, 4 max. Narrowing down the possibilities is the hard part.

Vicki would love it if I entered Jammer's One Hundred Good Wishes quilt but it is over their size limit. The 100 Good Wishes Quilt for Miss M that I am finishing the binding on is way overdue so I don't feel right about holding onto it for a month+ longer.

The options that I am left to choose from are:

Tribute to Danny

Remembering Danny

Loving Sunshine
Thistles and Vines

Sound the Alarm

Pretty in Pink

Luv U Letters

Those not in my position I can get back in time so no worries there. So help me out here PLEASE. Tell me which ones you'd enter if you were me. I need your input to help me decide. I'm begging here people.

The entry forms need to get in the mail today to make the deadline so Hurry, Hurry and add your comment. I sew appreciate your thoughts!

Monday, August 20, 2012

4 Checks

My weekend To Do List status:

1. Consignment sale items tagged and ready to go - Almost
2. August Modern Mini Round Robin block done and mailed - Check
3. Laundry put away - I wish
4. August Pumpkin Halloween See Saw block done - Nope, plan devised and fabrics selected
5. Dirty dishes dealt with - Check
6. August Ghastlie Gals Halloween See Saw block done - Double nope, no ideas have come to me yet
7. School Supply list items purchased - no way
8. Garage cleaned and straightened - Check
9. School clothes and shoe shopping completed - Ha, that is a funny one
10. Front porch cleaned - Check
11. Annie's giveaway prize packaged and mailed - Nope again
12. Julianne's giveaway prize made and mailed - Again, a big huge No

Said consignment sale prep has as usual kicked my butt. It takes a lot of time to sort, hang, enter into their system, tag and package everything and I didn't start early as I should have. It has just been a very busy summer for us. It is well worth it though. With the earnings this time, we will finally purchase our new kitchen table and bar stools.

I don't work on Tuesdays so you know what I'll be doing....all the things on this list that didn't get done over the weekend. There is a lot going on this week and I'm trying to work it all out on our schedule. Plus our anniversary is Friday (hopefully we'll get dinner out without the kidlets) and my LQS is celebrating their anniversary so I'd really love to find time to go hang out there and sew a bunch. We'll see how this all pans out. Gotta run and get to work. Catch ya later!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not Happy!

I have not turned on my sewing machine in way too long! (Huge sadness and sorrow here). I am feeling quite unsettled and out of sorts because of that. Yes I did almost finish the hand sewing of a binding while I was away last weekend (one more side to go), but I need to SEW people. I hate being all verkupmted like this.

So what have I been doing this week, besides emptying suitcases and not putting them away (there will be one more mini vacation before summer is officially over), and dealing with the never ending laundry?

This! The mega huge twice annual consignment sale is next week and everything had to be entered into their system by last night. So I have been a sorting, hanging, size grouping fiend.

We are so happy that we are finally done with the potty seats and the booster seat and the monitor. The rest of the toys and books are ones that they have outgrown and no longer play with. Gotta make room for the goodies coming in for birthdays and Christmas ya know.
If I am lucky enough to sell all of it, or at least almost all of it (I have a pretty good track record so far), then we will net about $700. Hubby has agreed that I can finally buy our new kitchen table and stools for the island. I'm starting to search now.

I still need to seal up the baggies, print the tags and attach them but I have a week to get that finished so I'm planning on getting into my studio this afternoon/evening after work. First up will be adding the next round to the Mini Mystery Round Robin block that is on my design wall. Nope, I can't show it to you so don't ask beg plead with me cause it is a mystery. How come some of you don't remember that? Anywho at least I can show you the fabrics I'll be using. Thankfully the perfect plan came to me fast so this task will get completed lickety split.

I also have not 1 but 3 Halloween See Saw blocks to add to. This one will be mine in the end. Julianne added a great orange and black bat/ghost border (which I simply love btw) but I have yet to figure out what to do next. Like Winnie the Pooh says "Think, think, think."

Here is my other one that will be mine when this swap is over. I love, love, love how it is coming along. Don't you just die over the great border Edy added. The skeletons are simply wonderful. Again though I am stumped as to what to do next. Lots more "Think, Think, Think" needed.

Plus to top it off, I have Julianne's block back already to add to. This would be my September part. She was Ms Speedy McSpeedy adding her August bit and mailing it back to me. And if you want to know, No I haven't decided what I will add next. No clue. But I'm not going to ponder it much until I get the other 2 done and out in the mail.

Wish me luck with at least getting a little sewing time today. I sew need it. Too many days away start to make this Momma quite a bit of a cranky pants.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Winner x 2!

Please don't think I am a slacker for not announcing the winners of my 2 recent giveaways sooner. I've been just a tad extra busy these past days and now finally have had the chance to ask Mr. Random to pick a couple of numbers (I still need to somehow figure out how to show his answer on this blog). So this fine early morning (I've been awake since just after 4am thanks to my lovely daughter who is sleeping peacefully herself now) he chose:

For my Think Christmas Blog Hop giveaway, Julianne is the lucky winner. Her comment was:

Hello that second block! Beautiful!

My favorite holiday recipe was when my mom made Penuche Fudge...its a brown sugar fudge and to this day I cant make it right and believe me I have tried, so now I just buy it on Etsy...LOL! ARGH!!

I've never tried or heard of Penuche Fudge before but I may add it to my list of things to do try to make myself this coming holiday season. I already Julianne's address as she and I are partners in my Halloween See Saw Swap but I'll have to wait for her to tell me which block she would like me to make for her in which color(s).
Then for my 200! followers post, the magic number picker pulled Annie from his hat. She said:

My short list of dislikes would be much easier to list. I love a lot of different styles but I really have to say Text prints and Halloween prints really get my blood pumping! Here's to the next 200! Cheers to you!

Ahhhh a quilter like me who loves Halloween prints. That is never a bad thing. Her prize package will be mailed out in short order.

The sad part, for me and me only, is the fact that her prizes did not come from shopping during my trip to Amish country. In fact I did absolutely no shopping at all! Nada. Zilch.

The main reason for that little journey was the fact that it was the annual reunion for our China travel group. My little girl would again spend a couple of days with her China "sisters". The agenda was for us to take all 11 girls plus my Jammer and one other big sister to Dutch Wonderland (awesome place for little ones btw) on Friday. Then were going to have a picnic at a local park on Saturday. Well Mr. Weather wasn't in the mood to cooperate and our amusement park day got rained out and moved to Saturday. It was crazy rearranging the caterers for both days (I coordinate the entire weekend) but it all got done and though hectic doing both things on the same day, everyone still had a great time. The best part was just seeing the girls play together and reconnecting. They have all grown so much and have come so far since that day in early March 2 years ago when they were handed into the long waiting arms of their forever families.

Anyway, the resulting new schedule resulted in no time available for quilt shop wandering until Sunday and by then it was too late. For those of you who aren't aware, most of the shops in that area especially the ones that I wanted to visit, are closed on Sunday. Oh well, next time! At least I'll have those available funds to spend somewhere else.

So congratulations to both of these ladies and thank you to everyone that commented. I tried really hard to reply to all of you but they came in fast and furious and with all the last minute prep and packing plus working an extra day to make up for the fact that I was gone the majority of last week, I just couldn't do it. I did enjoy reading all of them and I honestly appreciate each of you that participated.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Busy Bee

This past weekend I was a very busy bee. Along with all the sewing I have on my To Do list, there are also a lot of other items. The most pressing of those in my mind is to get all the still-white-builder-walls painted. Stark white walls are boring and the flat paint they used just plain sucks.

First up was the half bath on the 1st floor. This is the before picture. Dull, dull, dull.
(And please don't notice the toilet lid being up. This picture is from one of our walk throughs during construction).

This is how the room looks now. The color is Behr's Aztec Brick. The shade is hard to see in the picture since that room has no natural light. It will coordinate oh so perfectly with the custom mirror I am making with hand painted Mexican Talavera Tiles that I bought.

When I originally showed hubby the paint chip for this room, he was very worried and requested that I tone it down a bit. So I went with the same color at 75% of the formula. It turned out perfect and he does like it even though he is now calling it '"the orange room". Most people don't know that you can do this...ask the paint sales person to mix the color at a fraction of the amount. I learned this from my brother many years ago. It enables you to get exactly the same color/hue but not as intense as the full version.

The 1/2 bath was completed Saturday morning and Sunday was left for either tons of sewing or more painting. I was on a roll and I elected to do more painting. I really want all these white walls gone before the cold weather gets here. So next up was the master bathroom. Here is a before view.

The floor and shower tile is called Dorian Gray and although it looks very tan at first glance, it also contains lots of gray/silver lines and that is what I wanted to bring out in this room. I didn't want more tan walls in here. The counter top is similar in that it doesn't look totally tan nor totally gray.

Again hubs wasn't really happy with my plan to paint these walls silver but no matter what other choices I looked at, I kept coming back to the same option. Plus it would look so perfect next to the light slate blue walls of our bedroom. Well as luck would have it, the store had a bigger paint chip with a picture of a room with this exact paint on all the walls with the same white trim. Hubby could actually see what a full room in that shade would look like (he's very visual, can't picture it in his mind) and once he looked at that picture, he agreed with my decision. Yeah!

So here is the result. I know again that the shade of paint is tough to see with the yellow tint from the light but if you look towards the floor, you can get a better idea of what it looks like.
I actually got both coats done on Sunday. Plus DH actually likes it. Yippee #2 for me. I feel great for having accomplished so much in 2 1/2 days. Two rooms done, 5 more to go.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spending justified

My long time followers might remember my self imposed shopping hiatus. And then my post about how I blew that.  There really were some very legitimate reasons for my attempting to quit spending money on fabric, at least for the summer. Not only do I have a very long list of projects on my list already, but I was planning on going to the Philadelphia Quilt Show in mid-September and I wanted to feel free to buy what I wanted there.

Well now I'm not going to that show. Huge sigh of disappointment. You see, my oldest sister and her fiance of 7 years finally decided to get married. When is the big day? You guessed it, the weekend of the Philadelphia Quilt Show. Obviously I can't skip out on her celebration and go to the show instead, though part of me wishes that I could.

Sooooooo what about the money I had budgeted to spend at that show? I'm going to "use" it up by applying all the not necessary goodies I bought since my hiatus began and what I might buy when in Amish country soon, so I'll be no farther behind budget wise than I originally planned to be. How smart is that? And the guilt problem is now greatly reduced, thank goodness.

Lucky for me I have only spent 60% of that show's shopping budget so I have enough leftover to have a bit of fun. I doubt I'll spend it all during my upcoming trip since I'll have hubs and the kidlets along and they are never ones to allow me slow browsing and big stacks of fabrics to bring home. It will be all about the quick grab and go shopping this time. But that might not be bad either. There is only so much room in my studio for storage and I don't want to use it all up now since there are definitely some must have fabrics coming out this fall that need space saved for.

I never want to have to say that I can't buy a much desired fabric line because I have no where to put it!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

51% - Whoo baby!

I think this one deserves a Whoop Whoop!

During the month of July, I was able to do something crafty a total of 16 days during the month. That equates to 51% . 

For those of you new to my blog, I'm sure you are wondering "What in the world is this woman talking about"? Well you can read all about my original hair-brained idea here. I just can't help brain thinks about the numbers. And honestly it is fun for me to see just how crafting is so interwoven into my life and my very being.

To the total year to date so far is: 80 days out of a possible 213, or 37%. The total percentage is creeping up ever so slowly and if I can get it to 50% by the end of this year, I will be one very happy person. Who wants to bet whether or not I will get there? 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tribute to Danny Quilts - the Reveal

The annual softball tournament to raise money for the memorial scholarship fund in honor of my nephew Danny was a little over a week ago. I've been itching for days to finish this post so that I can reveal the 2 quilts to all of you....but I've been waiting on others for the final info.

Well I'm not waiting any longer. I finished sewing the label onto the back while on the ride there so I didn't get good pictures of the larger one in advance. Instead before it was raffled, I got one of my other nephew's and one of my brothers-in-law to hold it up so that I could get some nice shots. But the wind refused to cooperate. This is the best one that I could get. 

I am very proud to show you

Tribute to Danny

This is a quilt made through the generosity of so many quilters from all over the US and several international countries. As I have said before, I could have never done this without all of you that answered my request for blocks. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I only had to make 2 blocks myself to have enough for both quilts.

I backed it with this cool black fabric with interesting white dotty circles. I know that it is tough to see in this picture. Sorry. If I ever get the better pictures that the newspaper guy took, I promise that I'll replace these. Deciding which blocks would go into each quilt was a struggle but in the end, I think I managed to come up with a well balanced mix.  I even received a block that could have been used as a signature block but instead I centered it in the middle of the backing.

The quilting is a meandering loopy design in red thread on the front, white on the back.  I was totally blown away by my long arm quilter on these two...she received them around 10 am on a Tuesday and called me that they were done around 1pm the very next day. Two quilts in about 24 hours. Wow.

The remainder of the blocks went into the smaller lap quilt.  I named this one Remembering Danny.
The original plan was to make these exactly the same but some how my quilt shop owner and I both flubbed the math on the fabric requirements. I ended up with way too little red and way to much black. So the smaller one's theme got reversed and an additional border was added.  I love the result from this little oops.

The tournament raised the most money ever, a staggering $6,100 before expenses which thankfully this year were really low because we were able to get the majority of everything needed donated. I don't have the break out details yet in order to tell you what part of that total is from the quilts but I will say that we sold a lot of raffle tickets. That bag was packed full!

Everyone that had heard about these quilts and had bought tickets in advance came by the event to see them. And those that hadn't heard about them before, just fell in love with them, especially once they saw them in the school's colors and saw that they all are 8 pointed stars.  Those that knew him, knew the significance of that number. 

So who won the quilts? That is a cool story. Well, as I've mentioned before, my sister, who was Danny's mom, wanted the queen quilt for herself bad. She just yearned to be able to feel the comfort sent with each block contributed when she is feeling her most down. She actually thought that she shouldn't buy any tickets herself but I kept telling her that her money was just as good as everyone else and she had the same right to buy tickets if she wanted to. I don't remember just how many she did buy but I do remember flipping through the available tickets to find her the ones with the number 8 on them, for good luck. Unbeknownst to me, along with all the other tickets sold to everyone, my mother and my other two sisters bought about $100 worth of tickets themselves. They had their own plan.

After all the smaller items were raffled off, we were onto the big items. The queen quilt was 2nd to be drawn. The name on the ticket? My youngest sister Boo! Then they raffled off the TV, the IPad and the Wii. Next came the lap quilt. Everyone held their breath and cheered loudly when Danny's mom's name was called.

What happened next was the best part. As soon as all the raffles were completed, Boo grabbed the queen quilt she won and gave it to our sister Diane, Danny's mom. Boo felt that it was only right that Diane have it.  And then, because Boo gave her the bigger quilt, she decided to give Boo the smaller one that she had won. So in the end, both quilts are staying in the family. Totally unexpected but also so wonderful. During the clean up, I lost count of just how many players and event supporters came up to me and said they had the same plan, to give Diane a quilt if they had won one. Everyone felt that it was what needed to happen...that Diane end up with at least one of them in the end. 

I wish I had captured a picture of this quilt exchange moment. It still brings tears to my eyes. The surprise on Diane's face and the love in Boo's eyes was a precious moment. My oldest sister and I joined in on the very long hug that is so typical of us 4 sisters. It is with the support of each other that we get through the tough times together and especially these difficult ones. We can never bring Danny back but we can always remember and honor him together.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ahh the food!

First of all, than you to everyone for the sweet comments about my baby girl. She is 100% fine and back to her usual full-of-life self. The incident itself was very scary but thankfully she wasn't hurt after all. Now the problem at her school/summer camp that caused the need for the hospital visit has to be addressed immediately and you KNOW that I will be a Momma Bear and make sure it is remedied PDQ! I certainly don't want either my kids nor any other child to be put at risk ever.

Now onto the reason for this post....

I wasn't thinking at all when I hit "Publish" on my Think Christmas Blog Hop post. It didn't occur to me that by asking you what your favorite holiday food is that I'd be setting myself up for huge cravings! Massive cravings. Of gigantic proportions. Now all I can think about is the....

Pumpkin Pie, for me with lots of whipped cream

and the Gingerbread Cookies

  and the warm right-out-of-the-oven Gingerbread, again with a lot more whipped cream on top (I always have a little pie/cake with my whipped cream) 

and the Spritz Cookies.

While I've never had Perogies as a special food during the holidays, we have them year round, I simply adore fresh, homemade ones.

Don't forget the Sweet Potato Pie

or the Eggnog.

 You have to remember the Divinity

and the Mexican Wedding Cookies (that we call Peggy's Cookies because we got the recipe from Peggy many years ago).

  One of you mentioned Chocolate Peppermint Trifle. That one is definitely getting added to my holiday must have list.

Am I making you hungry yet? There are so many, many more I haven't mentioned here. What I am wondering is why don't we have these food more than once a year? I know some of the ingredients are only available then and I know that some of those things are what make our holiday celebrations special, but why not have Pumpkin Pie or Sweet Potato Pie during the other colder months? Both main ingredients are available year round. Who says we can only make those special cookies during that time of year? And why not make that great pie for Easter or Mother's Day? I say go for it.

I for one am going to be emailing some of you begging for your recipes. I'm always on the hunt for new great ones to change up our holiday menus a bit. And because so many of you love my Christmas Lobster, it has got me thinking A LOT about my very favorite food. Fresh off the boat, steaming hot and with a lot of melted butter. Yummo! I'm licking my lips in anticipation.

Now you know just one reason why I bought my red stuffed friend. Perhaps I should feature him once in a while in my posts, if Padsworth doesn't mind that is. They are distantly related ya know. But if I do so, he'll need a name so suggestions are welcome.

I hope that you've been sufficiently tortured by all these gorgeous food pictures and anytime you want to indulge during the other days of the year, don't forget the invite.


I just noticed that I hit 200 followers. Wow! Unfreakin believable...that so many of you would deem me worthy of following. I am truly humbled and grateful.

A celebration is definitely in order. How about another giveaway?

I'm going to be in Pennsylvania Amish country soon and plan on hitting a few quilt stores while I am there. I will pick up something special for the winner. What that will be? Who knows. It will depend on what catches my eye but know that it will be chosen with a winner in mind.

Entries will close Saturday, August 11th at midnight. I'll announce the winner after that.

Since this giveaway is to celebrate all my followers, you must be a follower to enter. Just one comment each please. How about....what is your 1 favorite fabric style (type)? ie: Novelty, Holiday (whichever one that is), Thimbleberrie-ish, Civil War, 1930s, Modern Contemporary, Solids, Floral, etc. You get the idea. I love to hear what others love the most.

And thank you, each and every one of you, for joining me on my quilting journeys. This road is certainly a fun one!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Think Christmas Bog Hop Stop & Giveaway

Welcome to my little corner of the quilting blogisphere! Glad you hopped on over for a visit. This is the last day of this tremendous Think Christmas hop and I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

When Lesley emailed and told me that she and Madame Samm decided to extended this hop 2 days and had openings, I jumped right in. And as usual, I had all sorts of ideas of all the blocks I wanted to make. But 2 things got in the way....I have a severe lack of Christmas fabrics in my stash and time was just not on my side.

The two Tribute to Danny quilts and the softball tournament itself ate up a boat load of my free time and then that previously mentioned little trip to the Emergency Room with my baby girl the other day really messed with my well planned out schedule.

Oh well, these things happen. At least I was able to accomplish a couple of block to share with you.

The inspiration for both blocks came from Quiltmakers 100 Blocks, Volume 4. This first one I took notice of when I got the magazine and promptly turned the edge of the page down. Now was my chance to make it. It is #380 Perfect Petals. The sample was done in shades of red with white background and a gold center. I knew that Santa Lesley would tisk, tisk me if I forgot to add in some Green, so I did. Here is my version.
BTW...I have wanted one of these wire hangers ever since I saw them on the Ghastlies Hop and I finally gave in and bought one. I am so glad that I did. I have a great place to put it and I plan on making a load of blocks to rotate on it frequently. If you don't already own one of these, you should go and get one fast.

Ok so back to the regularly scheduled program...

My 2nd block is also from the same issue, #395 Neapolitan. The sample was done in Pinks and Browns on a cream background. I wanted to a totally Red and White Candy Cane version but I didn't have enough various pieces of red fabrics large enough. Dag-nabit! (Gotta keep this blog clean, ya know) This Red, White and Green version came out pretty cool too.
I really like them both and because of that I haven't decided if I will just finish them to display on my wire hanger or if I want to make more and create something bigger, like another table runner or wall hanging. Decision, decisions!

Honestly I wasn't really in the mood to tear through all my holiday decoration boxes to find the perfect accessories for this photo shoot so I found the next best favorite red Lobster buddy...he is wearing Green after he is the perfect colors, right? And as someone else asked for our dream place to spend Christmas and I immediately thought of the beach, he seemed fitting for this Think Christmas party.

So by now you are wondering where are the details on my giveaway! I know how all of you think. This took a bit of thinking on my part because as I said before, I just don't have a lot of holiday-ish fabrics even to offer up. Instead I am offering to send to the winner their own version of either of my 2 blocks in the colors of their choice so they have it to display on their wire hanger. I might even put in another surprise or two in the package.

Entries open through Midnight Sunday, August 12th. To have a chance at winning, tell me your one favorite holiday food that you only have that time of the year. Followers get a 2nd chance so if you already follow, remind me or let me know if you are a new follower.

Remember to visit all of the wonderful ladies that share this hop day with me. I'm betting that you will be amazed and dazzled by what they ahve created for you.

Pigtales and Quilts
Quilts From My Crayonbox (That's Me)
Quilt n Queen
Pattie at That Other Blog
Quilting, Losing and Tea
Many huge thanks go out to Madame Samm and Lesley for yet another fantastic blog hop. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every stop along the way and I can't wait for the next one.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Giveway winner annoucement!

Hi all! I know that I am a bit late on choosing and announcing the winner for my National Hot Fudge Sundae day giveaway. I have a really good excuse. Honest!

You see, on Wednesday afternoon I was home working on my Think Christmas Blog Hop blocks. I went to pick up the kiddos from summer camp. As I got there and was talking with the teacher about the little ones' day, my daughter fell off the play set from 5 feet up, flat on her back and hit her head. We spent the entire evening in the emergency room. She is 100% OK, thank goodness, but it was a lot of stress and worry. We got home pretty late and then I slept like crap, resulting in a nasty headache the next day.

Yesterday was spent painting my half bathroom (the 2nd coat will get completed this morning). Amazingly Hubs doesn't hate the color I picked and I will show you all once it is done. But I don't want to keep you in stitches any longer wondering if you are the luck winner. So.....Mr Random chose: 
Oh, I just spent a while at the site....yummy! I signed up to receive the newsletter!

Congratulations Snoodles, who BTW blogs over at Lily Pad Quilting! Just don't let that cutie Padsworth steal all of your chocolatey bounty! 

And don't forget today is day 6 of the Think Christmas Blog Hop. Santa Lesley and Madame Samm have done another awesome job putting this one together. I'm revealing my blocks tomorrow so make sure you come back to check out what I accomplished.