Friday, August 10, 2012

Busy Bee

This past weekend I was a very busy bee. Along with all the sewing I have on my To Do list, there are also a lot of other items. The most pressing of those in my mind is to get all the still-white-builder-walls painted. Stark white walls are boring and the flat paint they used just plain sucks.

First up was the half bath on the 1st floor. This is the before picture. Dull, dull, dull.
(And please don't notice the toilet lid being up. This picture is from one of our walk throughs during construction).

This is how the room looks now. The color is Behr's Aztec Brick. The shade is hard to see in the picture since that room has no natural light. It will coordinate oh so perfectly with the custom mirror I am making with hand painted Mexican Talavera Tiles that I bought.

When I originally showed hubby the paint chip for this room, he was very worried and requested that I tone it down a bit. So I went with the same color at 75% of the formula. It turned out perfect and he does like it even though he is now calling it '"the orange room". Most people don't know that you can do this...ask the paint sales person to mix the color at a fraction of the amount. I learned this from my brother many years ago. It enables you to get exactly the same color/hue but not as intense as the full version.

The 1/2 bath was completed Saturday morning and Sunday was left for either tons of sewing or more painting. I was on a roll and I elected to do more painting. I really want all these white walls gone before the cold weather gets here. So next up was the master bathroom. Here is a before view.

The floor and shower tile is called Dorian Gray and although it looks very tan at first glance, it also contains lots of gray/silver lines and that is what I wanted to bring out in this room. I didn't want more tan walls in here. The counter top is similar in that it doesn't look totally tan nor totally gray.

Again hubs wasn't really happy with my plan to paint these walls silver but no matter what other choices I looked at, I kept coming back to the same option. Plus it would look so perfect next to the light slate blue walls of our bedroom. Well as luck would have it, the store had a bigger paint chip with a picture of a room with this exact paint on all the walls with the same white trim. Hubby could actually see what a full room in that shade would look like (he's very visual, can't picture it in his mind) and once he looked at that picture, he agreed with my decision. Yeah!

So here is the result. I know again that the shade of paint is tough to see with the yellow tint from the light but if you look towards the floor, you can get a better idea of what it looks like.
I actually got both coats done on Sunday. Plus DH actually likes it. Yippee #2 for me. I feel great for having accomplished so much in 2 1/2 days. Two rooms done, 5 more to go.

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