Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not Happy!

I have not turned on my sewing machine in way too long! (Huge sadness and sorrow here). I am feeling quite unsettled and out of sorts because of that. Yes I did almost finish the hand sewing of a binding while I was away last weekend (one more side to go), but I need to SEW people. I hate being all verkupmted like this.

So what have I been doing this week, besides emptying suitcases and not putting them away (there will be one more mini vacation before summer is officially over), and dealing with the never ending laundry?

This! The mega huge twice annual consignment sale is next week and everything had to be entered into their system by last night. So I have been a sorting, hanging, size grouping fiend.

We are so happy that we are finally done with the potty seats and the booster seat and the monitor. The rest of the toys and books are ones that they have outgrown and no longer play with. Gotta make room for the goodies coming in for birthdays and Christmas ya know.
If I am lucky enough to sell all of it, or at least almost all of it (I have a pretty good track record so far), then we will net about $700. Hubby has agreed that I can finally buy our new kitchen table and stools for the island. I'm starting to search now.

I still need to seal up the baggies, print the tags and attach them but I have a week to get that finished so I'm planning on getting into my studio this afternoon/evening after work. First up will be adding the next round to the Mini Mystery Round Robin block that is on my design wall. Nope, I can't show it to you so don't ask beg plead with me cause it is a mystery. How come some of you don't remember that? Anywho at least I can show you the fabrics I'll be using. Thankfully the perfect plan came to me fast so this task will get completed lickety split.

I also have not 1 but 3 Halloween See Saw blocks to add to. This one will be mine in the end. Julianne added a great orange and black bat/ghost border (which I simply love btw) but I have yet to figure out what to do next. Like Winnie the Pooh says "Think, think, think."

Here is my other one that will be mine when this swap is over. I love, love, love how it is coming along. Don't you just die over the great border Edy added. The skeletons are simply wonderful. Again though I am stumped as to what to do next. Lots more "Think, Think, Think" needed.

Plus to top it off, I have Julianne's block back already to add to. This would be my September part. She was Ms Speedy McSpeedy adding her August bit and mailing it back to me. And if you want to know, No I haven't decided what I will add next. No clue. But I'm not going to ponder it much until I get the other 2 done and out in the mail.

Wish me luck with at least getting a little sewing time today. I sew need it. Too many days away start to make this Momma quite a bit of a cranky pants.

3 of you added your own colorful comments:

Needled Mom said...

No sewing makes me grumpy too. Good luck with the sale.

Great looking pieces - love the ghastlies.

edyB said...

You're such a busy woman! Good luck with the sale and have fun with the sewing!
Deep breaths...lots of them! 8-)

Melinda said...

I have to get to my Mystery Round Robin block this month too. Luckily mine will be simple this time cause the fabric is busy and it's going to do exactly what I need it to do without me having to do anything really fancy with it.