Monday, August 20, 2012

4 Checks

My weekend To Do List status:

1. Consignment sale items tagged and ready to go - Almost
2. August Modern Mini Round Robin block done and mailed - Check
3. Laundry put away - I wish
4. August Pumpkin Halloween See Saw block done - Nope, plan devised and fabrics selected
5. Dirty dishes dealt with - Check
6. August Ghastlie Gals Halloween See Saw block done - Double nope, no ideas have come to me yet
7. School Supply list items purchased - no way
8. Garage cleaned and straightened - Check
9. School clothes and shoe shopping completed - Ha, that is a funny one
10. Front porch cleaned - Check
11. Annie's giveaway prize packaged and mailed - Nope again
12. Julianne's giveaway prize made and mailed - Again, a big huge No

Said consignment sale prep has as usual kicked my butt. It takes a lot of time to sort, hang, enter into their system, tag and package everything and I didn't start early as I should have. It has just been a very busy summer for us. It is well worth it though. With the earnings this time, we will finally purchase our new kitchen table and bar stools.

I don't work on Tuesdays so you know what I'll be doing....all the things on this list that didn't get done over the weekend. There is a lot going on this week and I'm trying to work it all out on our schedule. Plus our anniversary is Friday (hopefully we'll get dinner out without the kidlets) and my LQS is celebrating their anniversary so I'd really love to find time to go hang out there and sew a bunch. We'll see how this all pans out. Gotta run and get to work. Catch ya later!