Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spending justified

My long time followers might remember my self imposed shopping hiatus. And then my post about how I blew that.  There really were some very legitimate reasons for my attempting to quit spending money on fabric, at least for the summer. Not only do I have a very long list of projects on my list already, but I was planning on going to the Philadelphia Quilt Show in mid-September and I wanted to feel free to buy what I wanted there.

Well now I'm not going to that show. Huge sigh of disappointment. You see, my oldest sister and her fiance of 7 years finally decided to get married. When is the big day? You guessed it, the weekend of the Philadelphia Quilt Show. Obviously I can't skip out on her celebration and go to the show instead, though part of me wishes that I could.

Sooooooo what about the money I had budgeted to spend at that show? I'm going to "use" it up by applying all the not necessary goodies I bought since my hiatus began and what I might buy when in Amish country soon, so I'll be no farther behind budget wise than I originally planned to be. How smart is that? And the guilt problem is now greatly reduced, thank goodness.

Lucky for me I have only spent 60% of that show's shopping budget so I have enough leftover to have a bit of fun. I doubt I'll spend it all during my upcoming trip since I'll have hubs and the kidlets along and they are never ones to allow me slow browsing and big stacks of fabrics to bring home. It will be all about the quick grab and go shopping this time. But that might not be bad either. There is only so much room in my studio for storage and I don't want to use it all up now since there are definitely some must have fabrics coming out this fall that need space saved for.

I never want to have to say that I can't buy a much desired fabric line because I have no where to put it!

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Snoodles said...

LOL You're right, there are some wonderful lines coming out...gotta have our priorities straight and make room for the lovelies! Heehee!