Wednesday, April 29, 2015

MQX East 2015 - Part 4

Welcome back for my 4th and final post of the stunning quilts I saw at MQX East a couple of weeks ago.  Today I'm staring with a fun quilt "Alien Eyes" by Keith Dommer of Tuscon, AZ.  It was the winner of Machine Quilting The Modern Way Third Place ribbon.
The card said that Keith did the quilting on his domestic machine.  Wow.
Here is another really fun quilt.  It is "Network Complexity", pieced by Rene Therrien of Nashua, NH and quilted by Lisa Teichmann.
It is another great example of the modern style.
"Modern Christmas" is nontraditional in its colorway but that is part of what makes it wonderful.
Christine Landis of New Lebanon, NH created this gem.
I had been waiting to see this quilt by another online quilter that I follow and it didn't disappoint.  It is "Ad Libbing" and was pieced by Lora Douglas and Linda Hungerford. 
Linda, who resides in The Villages, FL did the terrific quilting.  Love it!
I was fortunate to meet Sue Schoch of Ballston Lake, NY in a class we had together so it was more fun to see that her quilt "Curves Ahead" won a Judge's Choice Award from Scott Murkin.
I've seen Sue's name on quilts at local shows so her name was familiar to me.  She invited me to join her group for dinner Friday night and I had a great time.  They even convinced me to give their local guild a try so I'm going to the meeting next week.  Sharon Schamber will be the featured speaker.
"Judy 'n Babb's Great Adventure" by Gina Perkes of Payson, AZ, which was pieced by Debra Vaughn, won both Kathy Lichtendahl Judges Choice Award ribbon and a Faculty Award ribbon.
The detailed quilting Gina used is truly jaw dropping.
This very colorful quilt is "Brilliant Beauty", pieced by Ann Hockmeyer of Amesbury, MA and quilted by Janet-Lee Santeusanio.
This quilt won Best of Show.  It is "Free Fallin", pieced by Kathy Beltz of Greenfield, NH and quilted by Mara Novak.
This is another quilt that used more than one thread color for the quilting designs.
I had to get up close to really see the intricate details.
First Place Machine Quilting the Modern Way went to this quilt, "Let's Do the Dresden Twist" by Teri Cherne of Henniker, NH.
As with the other modern quilting entries, the quilting designs used are both minuscule and fabulous.
One of the Founder's Awards, this one from Janet-Lee Santeusanio, was pieced by Bobbie Ellis and Marilyn O'Hara, quilted by Flo Verge of Newport, VT and is titled "Irish Mist". 
Her use of feathers compliments the quilt's piecing very well.
While I personally am not drawing to making hexies, I can certainly appreciate the skill that goes into creating a quilt of this magnitude.  This is "La Passion", was pieced by Grit Kovacs of Germany and quilted by Birgit Schuller.
It was the winner of the Custom Our Daily Bed First Place ribbon.  The maker stated that there are 17,240 pieces in this quilt and it took her 2 1/2 years to complete the top.  The quilting is not over the top which is part of the theme of this category.
This is another quilt quilted by my friend Valerie Smith.  It is "Jacob's Wedding Quilt" and was pieced by Joyce Coburn of Barberton, OH. Joyce used the Walk in the Park pattern.

The quilting details are very pretty for this design. 
And now for the final quilt that I'm posting about, this is another Faculty Award winner.  It is appropriately titled "You Rule".  It was pieced by Francesca Davis and was quilted by Christine Fahey of Australia.
In the large negative spaces I love her use of ruler work, to both quilt the straight lines and to break up the spaces for the other various designs that she incorporated.
So three you have it, pictures of all of the quilts that I took at the show. It was another great show and I know that I could have spent many more hours studying the quilting designs used on each one.  I have one more MQX post to write about the classes that I took but that will have to wait for another day.  This gal has got to get herself off to work.

Monday, April 27, 2015

MQX East 2015 - Part 3

Happy Monday? I wish I could tell you that I got some quilting done over the weekend but that would be lying.  The prep work for the biannual kids' consignment sale took up a lot of my time and Sunshine participated in a Girl Scout Daisy Dash race yesterday. 
 The course for the little girls was a lot longer than a lot of the parents were aware and I wasn't so sure her little legs would carry her all the way around. But after the first few girls came in, I was surprised to see my petite little Sunshine running along as hard as she could, ahead of many of the bigger girls.
 She was very determined and she truly has a competitive spirit.
 I am so proud of her accomplishment and she just loves having a medal.  Nicely done sweetheart!
So now are you ready to see more gorgeous quilts from MQX East?  This is another stunner that caught my eye.  It is "Happy Daze" and was pieced by Marti Young of Barton, VT and quilted by Flo Verge.  It took a Faculty Award ribbon.
I love the feeling of spinning movement from the circles.
Of course, the quilting is very detailed and beautiful.
A Swoon quilt is on my bucket list (maybe I'll finally start it this year) but this one is really different from others that I have seen online because of the colors used.  It is titled "Racing Silks" because of the silk fabrics used for the blocks.
It was pieced by Nancy Sullivan-Jacobs of Cedar Rapids, IA and quilted by Lana Corcoran. I love the design used on the background in between the blocks.
This is "Floral Whimsy" by Norma J Riehm of Hayward, WI.  It also won a Faculty Award ribbon.
This is my only picture that came out blurry.  Sorry about that but I still wanted to show it to you.  It is "My Brunette Whig" and was pieced by Gail Stepanek of New Lenox, IL.  The quilting was done by Jan Hutchinson and this one won the Custom Heirloom Show Second Place ribbon.
The work on it, both the piecing and the quilting, is absolutely exquisite.
I like that the outer flower rings were quilted differently than the center ones.
"Bodacious" was pieced by Claudia Clark Myers of Duluth, MN and Marilyn Badger.  Marilyn also quilted it.  It took the Custom Heirloom Show Third Place ribbon. 
The continuing of the stars' rays in the quilting design really compliments the design.
This quilt is so much fun and I love the sentiment, though if I were making it, I would have probably used bright colors because that is just more me.  It is "Stop" by Michelle Plourde of Laconia, NH and was created as part of a guild challenge.
Look at all this gorgeous quilting and I love the little bits of bling added.
"Round Pegs, Square Hole" is by Lori East of Carthage, Mo and was quilted by Shelly Pagliai.
The quilting design is more simple but very effective.

Here is another masterpiece that used a variety of thread colors in the quilting.  It is "Midnight Dahlia" by Gina Perkes and was pieced by Elaine Putnam.  It won Wallhanging Large Third Place.
Just look at all the thread colors used and the quilting detail is so very small.  Amazing!
The center medallion just shines.
This quilt is so realistic. It truly looks like a photo instead of something created with fabric and thread.  It is titled "The End of the Line" and is by Joanne Baeth of Bonanza, OR.
It won both the Surface Design Award ribbon and the First Place Wallhanging Large ribbon.
This is the winner of the First Place Wallhanging Small ribbon and it is "Jester's Folly" by Margaret Solomon-Gunn of Gorham, ME.
Another ribbon winner, this time for Quilting Among Friends Second Place, this quilt "Shimmering Stars" was pieced by Joan Waldman, Gloria Miller and Marie Clark.
The gorgeous quilting was done by Kristen Vierra of Lincoln, NE.
And last for today's show is the winner of First Place Quilting Among Friends.  It is called "Better Than Prozak".  The piecing was done by Barbara Moran of Green Valley, AZ. 
The quilting was done by my online buddy Valerie Smith, whom I'm really hoping makes it to MQX next year. 
I have one more post to share with more gorgeous quilt pictures from MQX East so I'll meet you back here in a couple of days.
Ciao for now!