Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Colleen's Hanging Garden Quilt

Now that Girl Scout cookie sale season is finally over, I can get caught up on posting. I have so many pretty quilts to share with you.
First up is this beautiful Hanging Garden quilt made by my customer Colleen.

I absolutely love the fabrics and the colors she chose for this quilt.
Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating when it came time for the photo shoot so they had to be taken indoors.  That's what happens when you need to get the pictures done because the customer is coming to pick it up.
You can see the beautiful finished quilt better in this pic which I snapped right after it came off the frame.  The lighting in my studio is better so you can see the details.
I love how the stitching added so much visual interest to all the open spaces and just made this quilt even prettier than it was before.
Colleen picked the Feather me panto design and it was the perfect choice.
The backing fabric is this pretty Yellow print that is definitely brighter in person.
The stitching design shows nicely on the back too.
It was hard giving this one back as I really like the way it turned out.
I have had this pattern in my files for a long time and finishing this quilt for Colleen is giving me the motivation to finally take it out and start planning to make one of my own.

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