Friday, March 15, 2013

Peeps 300 followers giveaway winner

1st a warning: this post is picture heavy!

What started as just an idea of what question to ask for the giveaway entries morphed into me finding lots of fun Peeps pictures to share with all of you. My long time readers know that I love things in rainbow hues.
This is what I'd prefer to do with the iconic Easter treats.
What some people come up with to create with Peeps is really inventive and fun. 
This one doesn't use nearly as many Peeps as the others but I'm betting the smell of the sugar would draw the local dear right to my front porch. 
 How about a life sized Peeps tree! I even remember seeing a tv feature once of a guy that creates art of various types out of Peeps for a living.
Peeps cake anyone? 
While I'm sure there are tons more fun Peeps projects available on the web to show to you, it is the ones that create Peeps scenes that have me chuckling. And I'm saying right up front, no these aren't my work....I pulled them off Google Images and there are way more available to see that I'm not sharing here if you want to go look for yourself.
 Some people have way too much free time on their hands!

Pizza anyone?
 How about a reading of Good Night Moon before bed time?
 Been to a good royal wedding lately?
 The Simpeeps.
 Star Trek-the Peep Generation.
Camping in the great outdoors. 
 The county fair has come to town.
Who doesn't love a good game of Hide and Go Peep? 
 Peep Easter Supper..obviously this family prefers bird over ham.
 A relaxing day at the beech.
 Pop TV aka The Peep Voice with the hottest Peep celebs.
 What interesting marine life can be found in the Peeps ocean.
I could go on and on and on....but I won't. This post is already long enough.
I'll now relieve your suspense and announce the 300 followers giveaway winner! Mr Random chose
I am happy you told your sister. What a coincidence that she is follower 300! I am in there somewhere, too. I like peeps fresh! I can't imagine eating them rock hard.

I've sent the congratulations email and as soon as I get her real life details her prize will be whisking on its way to her. Thank you to everyone that played along. It was a ton of fun reading all your comments.
I know that for those of you that love these sugary confections, you probably like that they make them in different holiday themes now but for me, sort of a holiday purist for most things, I prefer that they'd be only available for Easter time. It is just one of those things that I grew up with and it seems so wrong that they aren't still that way. Oh well, companies are always going to give the public what they want if they will spend the money to buy them.

As for what this house likes....I typically buy one small pack each year, I may take a bite or two out of one, hubs doesn't touch them and the kids enjoy a couple but that is it. We aren't huge fans but it is part of Easter time after all so it wouldn't seem the same if we didn't partake at all.

4 of you added your own colorful comments:

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing all the peeps projects with your peeps:) They made me smile.

beaquilter said...

LOL at the trouble with tribbles peep scene, that's the original star trek btw :-) my hubby is a Trek fan- the original show only with capt Kirk, we've watched the dvd's many times :-)

Linda said...

OK now I just want to eat several Peeps. I have been a long time fan.

Rachel said...

Congrats Laura!