Friday, March 22, 2013

Not a single project in sight!

This is what my studio looks like today. There isn't one single project I'm currently working on in sight anywhere. (Yes the sun coming in that window is terrific. That is just one reason why I love having this room for my studio).
What's up, you wonder? Well my BFF and here family are/were coming to visit for the weekend and this room is/was going to be their little place to sleep, once of course we set up the blow-up mattresses. 
So everything possible had to be put away to clear as much space as could be gained. The cutting table was folded down (love that it does that), the design wall was cleared and almost everything...current projects, baskets full of future projects, the newly purchased packages of batting, the scrap quilt bins and all the other things that I could fit in went into the closet. The room looks pretty lonely now and I feel a bit blue that I can't just go in there, turn Lucy on and have me some good ole me time happily sewing away.
Well as luck would have it, my BFF is sick. I don't know yet just how bad but I do know they aren't coming up tonight. If she is better in the morning they may drive up then so my studio will have to stay this way at least for the moment. I do have one quilt's binding that I can start the hand sewing on so I'll probably get that out tonight while I sit in front of the tv.

If BFF doesn't make it up this weekend, you KNOW that I'll be pulling lots of stuff back out of that closet in the morning. I'll have 3 whole days to sew! And we'd reschedule her visit for a couple of weeks from now so I'll have to keep the mess to a minimum. I certainly don't want to have to do as much cleaning and clearing out as I had to do this time.

4 of you added your own colorful comments:

Needled Mom said... is much too neat for a sewing room!! I hope your BFF feels better soon.

beaquilter said...

aww, hope they come but IF they do, don't bring the germs with them. Hey at least you got a clean house out of it

In stitches and seams said...

Hope your BFF is better soon and enjoy the tidy organized room while it lasts
enjoy your weekend
in stitches

Rachel said...

LOL, had to take a picture while it was pristine? Hope BFF is feeling better!!