Thursday, March 14, 2013

On Hold

Unfortunately for me work on the Little Black Dress quilt is on temporary hold. So far I've gotten 16 of the blocks done and a couple of them up on my design wall but that is all that is going to be able to be completed for now.
What am I feverishly working on instead?
It is that time of year again. Time for the spring version of the huge kids consignment sale and I'm working through sorting and entering all the things I am selling into their system. I've gotten at least a box full ready so far. 
Plus I still need to go through the kidlets' closets to see what still fits from last spring and summer (my kids grow really slow) and what doesn't and can be added to the piles heading out the door. In addition to that, I go through the bins of stuff I have stored in the basement, hand me downs from friends and family, to see what will never fit my kids. Certain things like some of the shorts that we received from my nephew will never fit Jammer because they are cut really big in the legs and/or waist and would be tough to take in and way too baggy even if I did. So out they go. I like to clear out as much as possible for each of these sales.

Plus the money I earn doing this isn't bad either. The deadline for entering everything into their system is Saturday so I hope by that evening I can get back to more important things....Sewing!