Thursday, March 7, 2013

3 Years Ago

Three years ago today this tiny scared and sick little girl that we waited 4 years for was finally placed in my arms.
The new family of four at the provincial adoption office in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China.
Here is our little spit fire today! She is one feisty, smart and funny little girl and we love her with all our heart.
Our children are our greatest blessings in life.

8 of you added your own colorful comments:

  1. So sweet, Michele! And you are right. Our children are the most special blessings God can give us!

  2. awww sweet, congrats on the adoption birthday :-)

  3. Happy "gotcha day" little Sunshine!

  4. That is fabulous! What a lucky little girl.

  5. wonderful transformation... and wonderful pictures xx

  6. Amazing! They grow up so fast! Being a parent is hard, but they are worth it. She's beautiful.


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