Friday, January 4, 2013

November & December reports and recap

Life was so busy during December that I never got a chance to report on my Crafting By The Numbers challenge. But looking at my calendar, there wasn't much excitement to post about anyway. As you can see my craft accomplishment for that month was pretty low. I was only able to create 7 days out of the 30 available (23%).
December's result is even worse! No wonder I felt a bit "Baa Humbug" at times. No time to create tends to make me one cranky momma. But reality is that December is and always will be ultra crazy for me. Between school events, both kids' birthdays (class parties and friends parties) and Christmas celebrations, there is just too much to get done and too few days. I do have one lesson learned.....I will never again take on any December deadline projects because the likely hood that I'll get to complete it will be slim. All told I did something crafty only 5 of the 31 days, or 16% (my lowest month of all).
My total for the year ended up 122 days out of a possible 366, or 33%. Not as much as I had hoped obviously but it does make me feel good to see that at least 1/3 of my days I was able to indulge the creative side of my brain.

Those new to my humble blog scratching their heads and wondering what in the world I'm talking about can read the original post on this topic here. No I'm not nuts, just numbers obsessed which comes from being an accountant. This time last year, I wondered and now I know.

Will I do this crazy exercise again? To tell the truth I really don't know. My intention was to not to for this year but then I went and bought a new calendar for my studio....not with the intent to keep up this bit if silliness but because it was really pretty and it was 50% off. Plus I do need a place to keep track of deadlines. If I do end up reporting this year's results I'll likely do it less often, perhaps quarterly. If any of you out there want to do this yourself this new year, let me know and I'll join ya. Any party is always more fun with lots of others attending.

No matter what your year brings to you, I sincerely hope that you find as much time as you want to create as much as possible. I know for me I'll be in my studio as often as I can. Getting a cleaning person for my house would certainly help me get in there even more but that is a pipe dream at the moment.

2 of you added your own colorful comments:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

If the the calendar helped with maintaining some creative schedule hey, use it. I think you did just lovely with having young tows to handle thru the day.

Rachel said...

I think you did fabulous!