Thursday, January 3, 2013

The best looking snowman ever!

Jammer came home from school with his usual weekly homework sheets and I was happy to see that the first ones of the year were really fun. Yesterday's sheet had an outline of a snowman and the instructions said that he was to decorate it anyway he wanted to, using any materials that he found at home. I imagined that soon the kitchen would be covered with Elmer's Glue and glitter. Yucko mess!

He actually surprised me when he said that he wanted to color his snowman. I explained that although that would be just fine if that is what he really wanted to do, I thought that the teacher was hoping he'd do something a bit more creative. He said "like how?" The light bulb in my brain went off and I said "how about you cover him with different bits of fabric?" (always the quilter trying to sneak fabric into more areas of life, LOL).

He wasn't too sure what I meant but I ran upstairs, got my 2 bins of scraps along with 2 pairs of scissors (regular and pinking) and a glue stick. I then explained my idea. He absolutely loved it. He dove into the bins and pulled out this scrap and then that scrap, had me cut them into bits of various shapes and sizes and he glued them down wherever he felt like it.

Ta Da!
How cool is he! He is the most eclectically adorned snowman that I've ever seen. All the creations will be hung on the walls at the school for everyone to admire. I can't wait to hear what the others think of his version.

The homework for today, which he wanted to get done immediately after because it was tied to yesterdays sheet, was to write 2 sentences about why he decorated his snowman like he did. With help on the spelling he wrote this:
"I used fabric because my mom thought it would be fun. He is a baseball snowman.")

I wish every week's homework was this much fun to complete.

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beaquilter said...

ha ha! great snowman.... Solveig did that with a turkey in 2nd grade and I think I had her add fabric too :-)

Orange Crumpled Napkin said...

Ahhhh, kindergarten homework. Good times, Sweet memories. These days, my daughter posted on her Facebook page a request to claim she is an atheist, so she wouldn't have to solve exponential functions on a account she doesn't believe in a higher power. I said no, get back to work and get off of Facebook.

Needled Mom said...

Now that's the type of homework one could enjoy!

Kathy said...

Great Thinking! He is adorable.

Annie said...

Good thinking Mom! I'm so glad homework days are over. I hated how much homework I had to do after a days work just because I went and had kids!

Diane-crewe said...

I NEVER got homework like that !! xx lol x

Janarama said...

He did a great job on the snowman!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I am loving this snowman! How much fun...and I can see a quilt block there. :) blessings, marlene