Thursday, January 24, 2013

Google Reader rant

Update #2....I just logged in usind Safari as the browser instead of Internet Explorer and low and behold, the missing blogs magically reappeared in my Google Reader account. But then again the same blogs that I keep unsubscribing did too. So I don't know if this is mainly a Google Reader problem or an Internet Explorer problem or a combination of both. I was using IE on the laptop last night and on the desktop yesterday when all those long ago posts suddenly appeared. I just don't have any clue as to what is going on at this point.

Update: I purposedly didn't read the posts in my reader for Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project. I wanted to save those for when I had more time to really concentrate. But when I logged in this morning, that blog isn't even showing at all in my reader. It totally disappeared overnight. AGGGG! Someone, anyone...if you can help me, please help me stop this craziness.

This isn't the 1st time that I've ranted about this problem but I'm truly hoping that someone out there has some idea of what is going on so that this can stop happening.

I log into my Google Reader pretty much every single day, mostly first thing in the morning while the rest of the family is still sleeping. Some days I only get a half hour, some days I get two to three time that much time to catch up. Although on some days I don't get through all the unread posts in my Reader, I typically am able to finish them all within another day or two.

Yesterday was no different. I had about 38 unread posts, was working my way through them, saw my name listed on Marlene's "Let's Go Visiting" post and immediately wrote my post for the event. Once I hit "Publish" I went back to my Google Reader and you'll never guess what I saw next.

Not the balance of the original unread 38 posts....not my reader account said that I had 183 unread posts. As of this very moment there are 221. The largest number for one blog is 18, dating back a number of weeks.

This makes absolutely no sense and it is driving me insane! Why in the world isn't Google Reader updating ALL of my subscriptions on a timely bases? I'm missing out on a ton of great things and it is pissing me off. I'm truly hoping that one of you out there have some idea of what is happening and knows how I can solve this problem once and for all. It doesn't matter whether or not the computer is totally shut down for the day or not...this continues to happen.

The other thing that I can't stand is that subscriptions that I have Unsubscribed to over and over and over continue to show up in my Reader. Annoying, really annoying.

Do any of you know much about Google Reader and can help me? Or do you know of an IT person that might have some clue and can help stop this torture? If so I would forever be in your debt.

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West Michigan Quilter said...

I don't know if you are having the same problem I had, but last year someone told me they couldn't see my blog in Explorer. But I could see it in Firefox. I discovered the Word was being carried over into the blog and causing problems. So now I create my document in word, then cut past into the note pad, then cut and paste that into my blog. Now there are no problems. I hope this helps.

Needled Mom said...

I cannot help, but I have read of so many people having issues these days so you are not alone.

Doris said...

I use Chrome as my browser, and don't have issues. I have, however had issues in the past when Reader does updates, or the browser (Firefox then, not a problem with Chrome or Safari) updates and the other doesn't keep up. Hopefully using Safari will fix your issues. Make sure you have all your updates downloaded to your computer too, makes a big difference sometimes.

beaquilter said...

I have I/E and don't have problems with blogger. I go straight to when I read blogs, only once in a while does it show up blank but if I refresh the page it's fine.

LJ said...

I used Explorer as my browser for years. When Google updated last March, I started having problems with the blogs I was following. They didn't load correctly and usually they didn't have artwork on headings and looked totally screwy. I wasn't able to comment on many of the blogs; irritating. I suffered, I yelled, I wrote emails, I asked ?s, I hoped it would eventually work itself out. Nada! Finally, after many months (too long) I decided to download Google Chrome (free) and see what happened. ALL PROBLEMS were completely solved! The blogs went back to looking normal and I could, again, comment!! Once in awhile I've had a problem with old posts showing up or a blog not showing in Reader but I've found if I click on "All items", it will right itself. Good luck.

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

I also use Chrome and don't have any problems, and I really don't like Internet Explorer, b/c everything seems to be so slow on there!

Rachel said...

OK, I log into my reader from firefox, safari and IE...mostly firefox. Through a lot of frustration I do not know the problem or where it is...However, I experience all of them, lol. I constantly got back ALL I had unsubbed from. No matter how I unsubbed from them. One thing I finally did was create a folder called "dumpers" in my reader. Any that I wanted to unsub from were put in that folder and I simply mark all as read. With that said, I THINK it is actually a problem with the connection between the actual blogger and reader (the program) as one of my "dumpers"-a cross stitch blog- EVERY time she posts I get the last 20 or 30 (or more) posts she did as new and unread. It was happening when I was actually reading her too. So, I don't know how to fix it, but I know how to ignore it...LOL