Friday, June 27, 2014

Teacher gifts 2014

Although I would have liked to again make full size quilts for the kidlets teachers this year, I knew that there was no way that I could ever get them done in time plus since both kids moved to different schools this year it was a good time to not do that so there wasn't any expectation from future teachers for quilts too.

But I do like to still give the teachers a handmade gift, something useful and pretty. For this year I chose to make tote bags and I used my Boho charms. I modeled my versions after the one made by TeresaDownUnder. First I laid out the charms how I wanted them and sewed them together (the 2 rows in the very middle are actually the bottom of the bag and the row at the bottom of the picture is the top of the opposite side.)
 Then I added the Bella Sienna strip.
 I quilted it with the Honeycomb design with my domestic machine Lucy. I love that this is so fast and easy, 45 minutes from start to finish for both panels.
 I added handles in the same solid fabric.
 Here is the finished result. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.
 I didn't want to over quilt it but I think this is just the right amount. I used Cocoa Essentials thread from Connecting Threads.
 I used one of the prints from the line for the lining and added a small pocket on each side using leftover charms.
 This tote is a great size for being on the go, big enough for books or to use as a purse but not so huge like a beach bag.
 Jammer picked that one for his teacher and Sunshine chose this other version for her teacher. I used the other colorways of the Boho line, the Pink and the Yellow prints, for this one. Here is the Pink side.
 And here is the Yellow side. I used Bella Paper Bag for the solid strip and handles.
 This time I quilted a line 1st going down the middle of the panels corner to corner. Then I added 2 more lines on either side of the 1st one. Then I moved over 1 inch and quilted 3 more lines diagonal across the panel. I continued on that way until I got to the end and then flipped it around to do from the middle to the other corner. Again this was fast and easy and I like the look. I originally thought that I'd do the same in the other direction but once I finished the 1st direction, I decided that I didn't want to add any more. I used the Taupe Essentials thread from Connecting Threads.
This one also got a couple of pockets, made with leftover charms. They are just big enough for a cell phone and a set of keys.
 The evening before they were being gifted I quickly ran outside to grab these photos.
 The wind was picking up good because of the incoming thunderstorms so getting some good shots was a challenge.
 I love how colorful and cheery they both are and the teachers were pleased as punch to receive them along with the gift cards that I tucked into the pocket.
I will definitely make these totes again though I'll tweak the instructions a bit the next time.
Whew! Teacher gifts done this year speedy quick and I wasn't as stressed out. That is a good thing. I'm linking up today with a few parties!
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  1. Those are perfect teacher gifts. Of course they were thrilled! I am a teacher and I assure you a handmade, useful, beautiful tote bag is right on target. Well done!

  2. Those are beautiful!! I did totes for my kids teachers one year and they loved them!! At the moment they have 15 teachers, so that ain't happening! LOL

  3. What great gifts! Love the fabrics you used. Awesome Totes:)

  4. Your totes are wonderful! Super gifts for the teachers!

  5. Gorgeous bags and great gifts. xxx

  6. great gifts..did you see the bags I was making, a bit tricky but fun bags

  7. I want to be a teacher!!! Those are fantastic.

  8. These are great! Those are 2 VERY lucky teachers.

  9. What a lovely gift! I'm sure the teachers will really appreciate them and USE them!

  10. When I was teaching I would have LOVED getting one of these! blessings, marlene

  11. I have found that no one can have too many of these bags! Leaving a couple in the car, one by the door at home to grab quick, a couple in DH's pick-up, etc, etc. Wonderful choice and yours are too cute!!! No wonder they were a 'hit'!!!!


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