Monday, June 30, 2014

Final Call for It's A Sister Thing Swap

Do you have a sister? Or two? Do you not have a sister and want one? I can help with that.

Sisters have unique relationships with each other and I'm thankfully every day for my 3 sisters who I cherish immensly. There isn't much that I don't ask their opinions about.

My sisters and I have a motto when it comes to things we do together or buy for each other.

"It's A Sister Thing"

Our mom, brother and hubbies understand that line and usually don't bother asking questions, because they'd probably never get it anyway!

To celebrate sisters, both those with whom we share blood ties and those of the heart, I'm hosting the 2014 version of last summer's It's A Sister Thing Swap.It is designed to have you become a "sister" to another quilter and hopefully along the way you'll become really great friends too.
Today at Midnight is the final day to sign up! All of the info about the swap can be found here. You will have all summer to stalk your "sister" and to make 1 item for her.What you make and send is totally up to you, no restrictions or rules other than you need to make her something. 

If you want to join in and gain a great quilty "sister", hop on over to the original post for this year and read through it thoroughly so you understand how it works and then immediately email me all your pertinent information. Don't forget to the button to your blog (it's on my sidebar) and let everyone know that you are a "sister" too.

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