Thursday, June 19, 2014


Behind. So, so behind.
No, not that behind, the one that you sit on.
Behind as in too many things going on at once and I'm not caught up.
But it seems that this typically happens every year around this time.

With my insane schedule lately I haven't had much time for blog reading. When I opened up my Feedly on Sunday morning there were 1,001 unread posts that were almost 3 weeks old.
I'm now up to those just 7 days old but there are still almost 500 on the list (60 new ones got added since leaving for work yesterday). I don't like being behind on things so Yes this bugs me a tad bit. I'm also behind in many other things but I know that come mid July the craziness will settle down and I can get everything caught back up.

The weekend before last we attended my cousin's wedding. Here she is walking down the isle with her dad (love him bunches...he had a hard time holding back the tears the entire day).
The newly weds' first dance. The are both in the military and are stationed in Hawaii.
The kidlets had a blast and loved spending time with the extended family. Sunshine couldn't get enough of my Uncle Kenny. I kept seeing them gigling together and being silly.
Jammer was a blur the entire day. That kid never stops until he is sleeping. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold so it was a glorious day.
Towards the end of the event, they put big bowls of Hershey Kisses and other chocolates on the tables and then Sunshine and Uncle Kenny proceeded to play some sort of game with them for quite a while.
Speaking of that behind (TMI? I promise this isn't dirty), I'm a happy, happer camper these days. You see I hate shopping for pants but really needed to for work. My problem is the fact that I have hips and a smaller waist and many pants are made for ladies with much different waist to hip size measurements. I can't stand having that giant gap at my waist. So last week, in prep for the work industry trade show I had to attend I tried on a ton of pants and found these that actually fit. Hallelujah! And as you can see they were on clearance. Score! I bought 2 pair of the Khaki and 2 Black, which for some reason weren't on clearance. Go figure. Anyhoo...finally having pants that work for me is a really good thing.
Along with all the usual things going on here, Sunshine's Preschool Graduation was on Tuesday morning. She always makes these silly faces when in front of a group.
Of course I shed a few tears (I'm such an emotional sap). Here she is getting her certificate.
She had a fabulous year and is excited to be moving up to kindergarten. She'll be going on 6 in the fall but the deadline for starting kindergarten in NY is 5 by Dec 1st and she misses the deadline by a few days.
The kids changed out of their fancy clothes for the rest of the school day. Hello...I didn't want Purple popsicle to get on that dress. We were able to wrangle her and her BFF for a quick shot before they took off.
Once I got back to the house, I got started on these. Yes I'm making another class art quilt, this time for Sunshine's school. The art teacher asked really late in the school year so this won't get 100% completed by the last day next week but I should have the top done so they can show it to the families and then after I will take it back to quilt and bind. It is going to hang in the school lobby for all to see when they enter.
This time around the kids used the new Crayola Fabric Markers and this method was so much easier than the relief paint method we used last year plus the blocks aren't as stiff. Here are all 81 blocks trimmed up.
Then it was on to chain stitching one side of the sashing. I love that this goes so fast.
A rainbow of sashing is done and now it's time to press, hopefully this afternoon.
Another get-it-done fast project also came up the other day. I got an email from the other class mom for Jammer's class about what we were going to do for the class end of year gift. What? I didn't know that we needed to do that. After some quick thinking, a little shopping and some help from the class aide, it is all done.
Tuesday afternoon and last night after dinner some down and dirty simple scrapbooking happened and although it isn't as fancy as I would have liked to make it, it still turned out great. Each of the kids wrote a note to the teacher and drew a picture and I added the background papers, each student's picture and the sticker embellishments, with help picking out each from Jammer. You should have seen the piles of paper and stickers strewn all over the dining room table. After adding a cover page, a poem, a fun ending page and a Thank You signature page with all the kids' names, it is ready to hand to her today at the class picnic.
Other than Jammer of course, none of the kids have seen the final result so I know they will be excited to see how it turned out.

The next few weeks are still going to be crazy for me with a bunch of 1/2 days of school until they let out for the year plus getting them settled at summer camp so who knows when I'll be able to blog more but I'll try. I certainly don't like to lose touch with all of you. Whatever your end of June days bring, I hope they are bright and sunny.

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Val's Quilting Studio said...

Michele I'm just tired reading your post! LOL!! What a wonderful June though. Love the class quilt too!

Carol said...

Love all the children's art for scrapbooking and the quilt:)

Anonymous said...'re "behinder" than I am!!! I was just saying to DH that I may just not go all the way back on the posts but that bugs the heck out of me!!! Maybe I'll miss something!!!!!! LOL!!!!! Love the kid's drawing.

Chiska said...

You're a superwoman! Fun to see your kids having fun.

Rachell said...

End of school year at the end of June? Why so late?
But I guess I've never had school into June before....except in college.