Sunday, December 30, 2012

Announcing the Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin 2013!

The time has come! A new year is almost upon us, you are working on your upcoming projects plan and this one definitely needs to be on your list. So many of you have been patiently waiting for the big announcement and finally that day is here. The Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin 2013 sign ups are now open!

The 1st Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin was very popular and a total blast. There were 32 wonderful mini quilts created and this year's round robin promises to be even bigger and better.

Based on feedback I have received there are a few changes to the rules/guidelines so please read them carefully and thoroughly before you submit your name.

*As with the 1st Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin, there is no theme to this Round Robin. You are free to work with whatever colors and style center block that you like but obviously the word "modern" (whatever that means to you) should be a hint as to the overall goal of this event.

*Each group will have 6 quilters and therefore the Round Robin will run for 6 months.

*You do not need to be an expert to participate; novice quilters can join too though you need to be confident that you can do quality sewing.

*Quilt shop quality fabrics must be used.

*There will be a limit of 36 participants / 6 groups of 6 each.

*International players welcome however due to the ever rising cost of postage, there will be a limit of 6 non-US players, one per group.

*Sign ups will remain open through Midnight EST, January 15th.

*Your center starter block needs to be in the mail by January 31st.

*You will have until the end of each month to complete the addition to the block you are to work on and get it sent on its way to the next person on your list.

*The reveal/linky party day will be in July. You do not need to have a blog to play. You will be able to post on the reveal day on a special blog I'm setting up just for you.

*Your center block should be 8 1/2" unfinished. You can choose any sort of center block to make you wish whether it be wonky, paper pieced, applique, a pieced block...whatever suits your fancy.

So those are the basics. Here are a few more of the details.

1) You will add only 1 border to each quilt (see #3 below for more info).

2) You will have a maximum of 12" finished allowed for the 1 border that you add. It can be in the form of:

*A 3" finished border added to each of the 4 sides (can be a pieced border or a simple border)
*A 6" finished border added to each of 2 sides only (does not have to be opposite sides; should definitely be a pieced border)

3) Pieced borders are highly recommended and strongly encouraged however if the quilt you are currently working on really needs a simple border added next, than that is ok but perhaps instead of just adding one larger simple border, you could add a slim simple border (1/2" to 1" finished) and then add a max 2" finished pieced border. The idea here is to stretch your creativity but still add what you feel would look the best. Try to do something different and you'll find out just how much fun it is.

4) Your overall fabric and color choices should enhance and coordinate with what has already been added to each quilt that you work on. While you are in no way required to keep with a quilt owner's theme/color scheme request, you should try your best to maintain the overall look and feel of a quilt in progress.  

Now with any quilting event there are rules and this is no exception.

1) You must complete your addition and mail it to the next person by the End of each Month. Illnesses and emergencies are certainly understandable but if you have a ton on your plate already, you have a giant list of other projects to be completed in the coming months or you aren't good at sticking to deadlines, this isn't for you.

2) If you do happen to find yourself a little delayed during the Round Robin, you must email me and the person next on your list and let us know immediately along with a reasonable estimate as to when you will get caught up. Communication is of the utmost importance here!

3) You must email me a picture of your center block before you mail it out. Pictures of the other blocks you work on aren't necessary.

4) Again, good communication is the best way to ensure another successful event so you must a) email me and the person you are sending to when you've put the package in the mail and b) email me when you have received the next one to work on.

What is the Mystery part in all of this you wonder? I'm glad you asked.

Mystery #1 - Unlike in a typical Round Robin where the owner sends all the fabric to be used for the rows being added to her center block, the owner here will have no say in what colors or fabrics get added. Each participant will make that decision and add from your own stash. The owner can send along a note requesting preferences (overall vision, future use, etc) to give everyone in the group a little direction, but the ultimate choice of fabrics/color/style will be up to each person in the round. If you choose to join in, you agree to accept the fact that you will have absolutely no control over the rest of the parts and how it turns out. Thems the rules!

Mystery #2 - Once the owner sends the center to the 1st person on her list, she (or he of course) will not know who has the piece at any point during the 6 months. So until the owner gets her top back in July, there is to be no emailing behind the scenes with suggestions by the owner to the other group members. The main goal is for you to be surprised when you receive that quilt back. I don't like spoilers.

Every participant must Double Pinkie Swear to abide by all the guidelines and rules in order to be accepted into this party.

Sound fun to you? Did you miss out on the last round robin and don't want to miss out again? Can you keep the secret from now until the reveal day? I hope so. In the end you will receive back a mini wall hanging/table topper/lap quilt that you can finish any way your little heart desires.

I'd love it if you spread the word on your blog. There are a limited number of spots available so sign up quickly. Remember, as with all the previous mystery min round robins, during this Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin 2013 if you want to blog about your contributions to each quilt, sneak peaks are ok however you must be elusive and never,ever reveal a picture the whole thing or enough that the owner will recognize it. This is to be a secret to the owner until it is received back home in July.

If you want to play in this new Modern Mine Mini Mystery Round Robin 2013, leave me a comment and let me know, and at the same time email me your full name and address, blog address and phone number (in case I ever need to get in touch with you). Deadline for sign ups will be Midnight Monday, January 15th. Once you sign up and receive your acceptance email from me, you can get started making your center block. No need to wait. I will email everyone the name and addresses of your group members by the end of that week.

Make sure you grab the button for this round robin (it's on my sidebar) and post it on your blog.

P.S. I have 2 great "border" books that I have found very helpful in aiding my pieced border additions for the current/previous round robins. One is "60 Pieced Borders: Mix and Match" by Judy Laqquidara and the other is "Borders: The Basics and Beyond" by Jill Reber. There are other great resources, books and websites such as Quilters Cache, just to name one, that can give you even more terrific ideas for great looking pieced borders. Like me, you just may want to get a book or two to add to your library and/or bookmark a few of the great websites for future reference.

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Diane-crewe said...

I cannot believe I am the first to reply!!! Please sign me up ... so LOVE these swaps xx

Renae said...

Sign me up also. I will send you another e-mail, I had already sent you the last before I checked the blog.

Julianne said...

Hey girl! Well, since the QuiltUbeMine is just about wrapped can count me in for this one also...I just have no clue what to do for a center block...any ideas?

Janet said...

Hi Michelle, I'd love to play again.

beaquilter said...

i think you twisted my arm again :)

Rachel said...

I SO wish I could play...for anyone "on the fence" I had a GREAT experience the first time around. Sadly I have to sit this round out. The timing is just not going to work here.

Carol said...

I'm in! Just sent the email with info.

edyB said...

So sorry ... I won't be able to join in this time. I'll be checking in. Have fun!

Kimmyj... said...

Yeah! I'm so excited to join in the fun :).

Angela Bullard said...

I will admit that I'm a little nervous but this seems like the perfect way to try it out. Sign me up if there are any spots left :)

American Girl said...
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American Girl said...

Sorry. Didn't know it was going to link to my ancient blogger, and can't figure out how to not do that. I think this looks like fun!

Quilting In The Cold said...

I would love to sign up. I will send you an email now!

Michele said...

Hi American girl,

Please email me from your regular email. You are currently a No Reply Blogger so I can't reply to you. Thanks.

Orange Crumpled Napkin said...

The holidays were so crazy for me I couldn't imagine joining another Round Robin. But now that they are over and in a couple of days I will be sewing the final border for the Quilt U Be Mine, I can't imagine NOT being a part of your round robins. If you have room, please include me.


Marian said...

Keep me in mind for the next one please. I love round robins and have participated in several of them.