Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Review

Just over a week ago I was contacted by Fons & Porter and asked if I'd like to review their new ebook Build Your Best Log Cabin. It is available for free download on their website. My first thought was "I have absolutely no time for this at the moment" but after looking at my To Do list and seeing that it wasn't too bad, I emailed back that I'd love to review their book as long as I didn't have a deadline to work with. Thankfully they obliged and since I'm home again today with a feverish little girl (those nasty infection filled tonsils can't come out soon enough), I have plenty of time today to thoroughly lookd this over and get this review completed.
I truly love the Log Cabin block and was very interested to see what this ebook has to offer. Upon first glance, I saw that it details all the steps in making Log Cabin blocks but the best part is that is has a handy chart for all the lengths and quantities of strips you'll need to make a variety of different sized blocks. They have this wealth of information listed for a Traditional block, a Courthouse Steps block and a Chevron block. Love that and I'll definitely be referring to it in the future!
There are also a number of interesting projects made using these blocks. By far my favorite is the Linked Chevrons quilt. I can just imagine this quilt in a totally different colorway making itself onto my Must Make list. And since I've been hunting for just the prefect pattern for some special quilts for family members, I'm thinking that I just found one that will work very well indeed.

The ebook showcases a bunch of different layout options.

Plus there are a number of complete patterns for you.
I really like this Woven Log Cabin one and it is another that will be added to my To Make list. Can't you just imagine it done in either pastels or brights with a white background? 
All in all I think this a great little addition to every quilter's library, especially if you are a lover of the Log Cabin block. Thank you to Fons & Porter for giving me the opportunity to review this ebook. Now head right on over and download a copy of it for yourself.

4 of you added your own colorful comments:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely review - the log cabin is such a traditional block, but has so many uses that most don't realize.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the review! Looks pretty cool!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great review, log cabin blocks are one of my favorites!

Rachell said...

Cool! Thank you for sharing; I downloaded my copy! Log cabins are so easy and fun. It's been too long since I've done a log cabin block. A log cabin quilt is definitely on my "must-do" list as well.
Plus, check out the cool tutorial at the end of the e-book: how to sew a lump less binding! So exciting --I finally know how to do one! This tutorial is a bit more complicated than the Connecting Threads video, but it has a ton of photos and is really clearly explained.