Monday, October 29, 2012

The calm before the storm

Literally. All is fairly quiet at the moment but by this afternoon, the start of the effects of Sandy will be here. Tomorrow isn't going to be nice at all.

We spent Saturday outside undecorating for Halloween (oh how I hated that part) and taking in everything that was loose. The swings and the glider came off the swing set and the chairs came off the front porch. The bird feeders are inside until spring. It is very likely that Trick or Treating will be cancelled though I'm hoping the surrounding communities will chose to reschedule to the weekend. I hate to see the kids miss out on the fun.

We're already stocked up pretty good, there is already a batch of chili in the freezer and a big pot of turkey soup will be finished this afternoon. The empty spots of the freezer are crammed with ziploc bags full of water (now ice) to keep things cold as long as possible if when the power goes out. The new thing I learned yesterday while talking to my BFF (who is in south NJ and whom I am very worried for) is to turn up the settings on my refrigerator as high as they will go so that when the power does fail, everything inside will be as cold as possible from the start.

We are in no danger of flooding where we are but we do have clay soil so depending on how it goes, we could have a few leaks (though with a brand new house I sure hope not. We stayed dry last year with Irene). Our risk comes mostly with the wind and the possibility of trees falling, hopefully not into our house and the prolonged power outage.

Hubs is a fire fighter and will likely be out on calls the majority of the time like last year, and if things get bad at home the kids and I will pack up and go to the fire house, where at least there is a generator and a mostly underground space.
I'm hoping to machine sew the binding on Jammer's 100 Good Wishes Quilt this afternoon so that I'll have hand sewing to work on once we lose power. It is huge at 116" x 130" so that would keep me busy for quite a while. Plus keeping 2 kidlets entertained and from fighting as much as possible will be a challenge in itself.

Those of you also in the path of Sandy stay safe and I'll see you all on the other side.

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  1. Stay safe sweetie - will be sure to catch you after the worse is over.

  2. It sounds like you are well prepared. Stay safe.

  3. how is it this morning? we didnt even lose power....its windy though and i'm 4hrs from the nc coast

  4. Thinking of you Michelle..please stay safe and warm...Hugs!

  5. And here is me, moaning and wining all the way because the sky is grey and it is drizzling! Luckily no horrible storms visit our little country! Stay safe and damage free! I'll be thinking off you.

  6. Stay safe. Will be thinking of you!

  7. Sending good thoughts to you and the family.

  8. I've got a lot of family and friends up and down the East Coast ... will add you to my prayer list! Stay safe! My hubby is a fire fighter too! :)

  9. I've been thinking about you and I hope everything goes well for you and yours, my friend.
    Hi Denise! Yay, another fellow quilter who is also a firefighter's wife!
    I've got more friends and family too, as well as my hubby's extended family still in Jersey and Long looks from the news those areas are the hardest hit so far. I hope our friend Ann is ok, too.
    That binding should keep you busy for quite a while! Good luck!


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