Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween See Saw Swap-The Reveals!

Spooks and Goblins have been haunting the postal system since May and the wicked packages have finally arrived at their haunted abodes to stay.....forever.  A screaming good time has been had by all the bewitched participants.

During the wee hours of darkness this very day, we are revealing to you the ghastly creations that have been been brewing and whirling these many months gone by.

With a mixture Mandrake Root, Wiggentree Bark and Eye of Newt I concocted this creepy beginning to my spell. 
Then it flew on a broomstick back and forth to Edy (sorry, no blog) where she also worked her magic to help create this eerily wonderful masterpiece.
"The Ghastlie Gals"

Destined to be a wall hanging this is to be. If the skeletons don't abscond with it, the quilting and binding will be completed all in good time, my pretty, all in good time.
A 2nd batch of potion was needed, as strong and powerful as the first one, but this time the brew required Porcupine Quill, Dragon Blood and Starthistle. From the tendrils of vapors wafting from the cauldron, this creation appeared.
The journeys to the west coast and back this time was by the Transylvania Express. Julianna added many waves of her wand full of Pacific Ocean whispering winds with my own to create this charmed brew of color and patterns..
"All Hallows Eve"
The catacombs are waiting for you....wonder through their dark and damp mazes to find the other Halloween See Saw Swap participants and view their own haunted creations.

The mansion is now closed and the creatures are resting in their coffins and tombs until this time next year. It was a howling good time! Next time, won't you join us?

4 of you added your own colorful comments:

Rachel said...

Both of them are fabulous!!

Celine said...

gorgeous quilts and a great and fun swap, thanks for hosting it!

Annie said...

Fun little quilts for sure. I hope you do a Halloween theme in a round robin next year.

Janet said...

Very fun - I especially like the pumpkin one with the black and white fabric setting it off.