Sunday, March 25, 2012


The Ghastlies are arriving!
Corrie over at Quilt Taffy has some of the new Ghastlie fabrics in stock!

Mere words cannot describe how excited I am. I love, love, love this line and I want all of it. Every single print in every single colorway.

But sadly the budget won't allow that so I will have to work out which ones I can get and how much. One of my dreamy wishes would be to have enough fabric budget that I would never have to scrimp on my purchases. Oh well, that is certainly not my reality.

No matter, I will most definitely be adding the newest ones to my stash and creating some fabulous Ghastlie projects in the coming months. I'm still hoping Madame Samm will have another Ghastlie Blog Hop in the fall and this time I want in on the fun.

In other anticipated next hosting project post is almost ready to release. I just need to finish the button and decide when to make the announcement. Will it be today? Not sure yet. I may just keep you hanging for a couple of more days. I sure don't want to be predictable, now do I?

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Annie said...

Oh, I wonder what is up your sleeve now! LOL

I love the ghastlie characters, but I so struggle with what to make with them. I'm sure Samm will have another blog hop with them. I'll be watching from the side lines this time. Maybe I'll get last year's project finished for this year's blog hop. LOL

Lesley said...

The ghastlie fabric is divine and I think it would go with a french theme for a ladies bedroom. I bought some plates recently with French courtesans on them, where the ladies had really high exaggerated powdered wigs and hoop long dresses and bows, I wish I could find fabric like that for a duvet. If you're in to Shabby Chick then the Ghastlie fabric would look great for your bedroom.
I'm making little padded felt penguin cell phone covers for my kids Tracfone LG800G smart phones to protect their touch screens as I've paid $50 ea for them. Talk time for my kids is costing $6/mnth for 40 min, the cheapest I've found so far.
I find these little felt pouches so easy to make and even the kids can sew the features and limbs on with colored cotton over the weekends. Felt animals are really irresistable.

Diane-crewe said...


Kristen said...

New Ghastlies? I had no idea! I need to get cracking back on my old Ghastlies quilt but maybe I will come up with something to use this new Ghastlies fabric for. The main "reunion" print looks perfect for applique of the little people onto something.