Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin is growing fast!

Wow! I'm blown away. Truly. I've only had the post up about my Round Robin for 2 days and I already have 19 quilters who have joined in on my little party.

There is still plenty of time if you want to join too. You can read all the details here.

A few questions have popped up and I want to provide the answers so even more of you will hop on board.

*You will create (1) 6 1/2" unfinished center block. The other 7 members of your group will add borders to it, either simple strips or pieced borders (their choice).

*If you'd like to ask your group members to do something you'd prefer, say putting the center block off to the side, go right ahead. Put a note in with your center block and ask. Want it to have a certain look because it will go in a specific place? Go ahead and mention that in your note .But there is no guarantee they will fulfill your request. Remember it is their choice what they ultimately decide to add to your quilt.

*The completed top will end up between 27" and 34", depending on the size of the borders that your group members add.

 *If group members do decide to put the center off on one side, than up to 4" can be added to the other 2 sides by each group member. Ultimately this should be no bigger than the size listed above.

*Novices are definitely welcome. If you can sew on a simple strip border, you can do this no problem. Want to add something more complicated, go right ahead. Just keep it to no more than 2" finished total. Again totally your choice.

*I was asked what happens if someone doesn't do their part and the quilt never gets returned to it's owner. Honestly before this person mentioned it, this possibility never occurred to me and I really HOPE it doesn't happen. I would hate for anyone to get disappointed and for me to have to send my buddy Guido after the offender. He's pretty rough and tough so just play nice and do what you are supposed to do. He hates sewing machines and likes to send them smashing onto the road from high above. Remember, I have all your addresses! And I am not above letting everyone else in the quilting world know if you aren't a good team player.

*If you decide you cannot complete this after all, let me know ASAP. I certainly understand (and so would everyone else) if something really major happened that prevented you from continuing. I would ask that you send to me the piece you received most recently and I will make arrangements to get it completed. (And no if you are honest about this I won't send Guido after you.)

*Anyone changing their mind before the official start is ok just let me know before March 18th so I can leave you off the final lists.

Any more questions, please let me know. I greatly appreciate all of you that have blogged about this little party on your blogs and have added the button. Keep spreading the word. It is only through the recommendations of other quilters like yourselves that I have "met" so many terrific people and have learned so much in such a relatively short time.

7 of you added your own colorful comments:

Rachel said...

Looking So forward to it! Thanks for the clarifications and they certainly seem more than reasonable :-)

Annie said...

I like that we can add a bit of preference suggestion with our block. I think it will help us all to have a bit of direction to help with inspiration along with the freedom to choose how we'd like to add to the quilt's creation. I'm really looking forward to this project. Now if I could just come up with a center block that I like..........

Diane-crewe said...

EXCITED!! have made my centre block1! Is there to be a Flickr group to share "teasers"? just wondered xx

Melinda said...

Guido, huh? My friend's name is Poindexter but his name doesn't seem to instill the same "shakin' in your boots" fear that Guido seems to.... (teehee!) He doesn't throw sewing machines but he can write up a very eloquent verbal rant if ever needed!

Michele said...

I've thought about that Diane but haven't made a final decision yet. If the participants want one than I definitely will. Or we could just post about them on our own blogs and make the others "work" for the teasers. LOL

Michele said...

Guido is one very touch dude. I for one wouldn't want to piss him off. I've seen what he has done to a few sewing machines and I can't even talk about what happens to the fabric of the criminals. Horrible visual images!

Lets just say that I hope that I never, ever have to call him! He is best lurkign in the background making sure everyone plays by the rules.

Pippa Parsons said...

I took part in a round robin with my SBS group, sad to say that the last but one person to have my quilt never finished it, we wrote to her snail mail and multiple emails and never heard anything back, if something bad had happened to her we assume her family would've contacted us because we snail mailed too... but a very lovely quilting angel used the disappearing lady's quilt and finished it to make it mine :O) and it's in the post as we speak..can't wait to receive it.. so there are some not very nice quilters around too ;o(