Saturday, March 10, 2012

NJ Quilt Fest 2012-Part 1

Last Saturday I left the kidlets home with the hubby and drove 3 hours south with a friend to attend the NJ Quilt Fest in Summerset. There was more than a fair share of quilt eye candy and we didn't have nearly enough time to admire the quilts and shop at all the vendors. But I did manage to get pictures of some of the wonderful work there and I want to share them with all of you.

My friend is not a quilter and thought she'd only see a bunch of traditional quilts (so not her taste since she is a graphic artist) but oh was she hugely mistaken. There were art quilts everywhere at this show along with the traditional ones.
This is one of the 1st ones we saw and it took my breath away. Absolutely stunning.
The gradients of color in this were amazing. 
Neat combo of colors, neutral with a bit if pizazz.
The workmanship in this is beyond words.
I really love the colors in this.
Calming yet visually interesting at the same time.
This one took my friend's breath away. She quickly started to like quilting very much.
I don't think I would have thought of pairing green and black like this.
I have more to share in the next 2 posts but I also wanted to show you what I came home with. I behaved myself spending wise.
I found a couple of great red Asian fabrics to add to my stash as well as a terrific pattern that I will use for Jammer's Asian Quilt. Trying to find just the right pattern for a totally Asian quilt isn't easy you know. I think this one will be perfect. 
I also bought this mini log cabin block Halloween quilt pattern. I saw it locally last fall and didn't buy it then (dumb on my part) so I was thrilled to see the same vendor at this show. The bobbin mates...I saw them in a catalog somewhere and have been looking for them ever since. The work terrific by the way. And as a little treat for me I bought these 2 pairs of earrings. The one pair look like quilt blocks, don't they? All told I spent $65. Not bad and I didn't come home feeling guilty.

But I can't help but wonder...there was a lady in the lobby talking to her hubby (I guess) about wanting to "make a big purchase" (many overheard her). She described it and it's features, an embroidery machine that holds 10 spools. I would have liked to hear his reaction when she told him the show special price of $10,000.00. Did she end up buying it? I'll never know. 

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