Monday, March 26, 2012

Minutia About Me - Socks

So today another brilliant idea came to every so often tell my readers something about myself. I find that I like reading quilters non-quilty things about other quilters on occasion too. What did I decide to blog about for my first topic?


You see, my BFF and I give each other fun socks. For special occasions like birthdays or holidays or sometimes for no reason at all. It is just this thing we started to do years ago when we first met and have continued ever since.

Besides I typically wear 2 pairs of socks every day from Oct through April (I have very cold feet), so more socks are never a bad thing to me and if they are fun ones, all the better.

I have a couple of pairs of Halloween socks.
Lobster (and Christmas Lobsters at that) and Crab socks. I LOVE lobster (and king crab too) and she finds me all sorts of lobster shaped things.
Bunches of Christmas socks.
She gave me the gingerbread men and pink snowman ones with the individual toes this year. Those feel interesting to wear. I'm just saying.
I even have quilting socks, though I bought these for myself when I bought the sames ones for her.

(No clue why Blogger insists on uploading this picture sideways)
And these are the socks I wore today. Tells you a bit about where my mind has been all day, doesn't it.
There are more, trust me, but they are the shorty type that are still packed with the summer clothes. Sorry I wasn't up to digging them out today to photograph them. I love my silly socks and I think of my BFF every single time I put a pair on.
Life is short. Ya gotta have fun where ever you can. Why not include your socks in that? I see no reason not to. Do you?

6 of you added your own colorful comments:

Annie said...

My collection is not near as extensive as yours, but all my socks have designs on them ... lots of stripes, hearts, skulls, diamonds, flowers, even glittery threads. They're the best aren't they?! Love seeing your post! Yes, they are fun and they bring others fun too when they see them.

Diane-crewe said...

FUN xx

Vicki said...

Me too I love socks as well when I was working, seeing patients, being professional [:>)], I usually wore slacks and more often than not some sort of unexpected crazy socks it often made for a great ice breaker or a little comic relief

Kristen said...

I always wondered who it was who bought those socks! ;-) I consider socks an evil necessity and have enough trouble matching pairs of white sweatsocks when doing laundry. I think it would drive me bonkers to have a variety of socks which the dryer compulsively ate, leaving me with one of each. ;-) Seriously, though, when I was in high school I probably had a pair or two of novelty socks but could never ever figure out when to wear them. They never seemed to *match* anything, so they stayed in the drawer until I tossed them in spring cleaning.

Wendy said...

I adore your sock collection!! I enjoy the socks, buy them, but then never wear them ... :( I've got the serious "socks gotta match the outfit" problem, but love wearing fun ones when I'm just hanging out at the house. Thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Your halloween socks are adorable Michele.. The orange color seems perfect as well. I don't know if it will suit me though haha. Because it is a very standout socks, I should really match those with some plain clothes right? What do you think? What do you usually pair those with? Check out Renee - for your references on new novelty socks.