Monday, October 12, 2020

Mask baskets for Linda

As soon as she saw my post about the mask baskets I made for my clan, my friend Linda asked if I could make a trio of them for her family.  Our boys are best friends and they do so much together so of course I said Yes.

Linda requested that I use the exact same fabrics that I used for our own baskets but that wasn't possible.  I didn't have enough of the prints except for one.  

I made her a duplicate of my Red and Black basket. I don't remember what fabric line the Red print is from but I really love it.
The black lining is the leftover backing fabric from my Tribute to Danny quilt and Remembering Danny quilts.
The 2nd bin was made with leftovers from one of the teacher quilts in 2013.  These bits are from the Little Black Dress line.
I've always had a fondness for the lining fabric and imagine it would be absolutely gorgeous in bright colors, if the designer ever thought of recreating the line.
For the 3rd basket I decided to go with Blues and had enough of these prints in my stash.
The Blue dot print came from Jammer's firetruck quilt, Sound the Alarm.
Linda was very happy with her mask baskets and hopefully they are helping her family tame their mask inventory as well as they are for my crew.
These baskets are so quick and easy to whip up and I'm glad that I'm able to use up some bits in my stash.  Stay tuned.  There have been more created for other friends.

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Karen said...

Theses are so adorable. I would love to make some of them. Would you share the pattern?