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My Bloggers Quilt Festival Entry - Sound the Alarm

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What did one certainly little boy need to finish his new fire truck bedroom in style? A fire truck quilt of course. Introducing:

Sound the Alarm

It came as no surprise that Jammer loves fire trucks. A lot! We probably have more toy fire trucks than the majority of households. We fully expect that he will want to join the local department as a Junior Firefighter as soon as he is old enough.

When this house was under construction, we let him decide the theme for his new room. His choice? Fire trucks of course. One entire wall is fire engine red (he actually wanted a totally red room) and they are covered with removable wall stickers, one that is 4 feet wide. It is the perfect setting for a hero in training.

I used a pattern I had saved from an old magazine though I added the red border because I didn't care for the look of the thin pieced border right next to the large outside border. It needed something between and the red border in the middle was just right.

I already had a number of fire truck/fire department fabrics in my stash at the time but I hunted down and added a few more to give it tons of variety and color.

He specifically requested stars for the "fancy stitching" as he calls it and so stars he got. My long arm quilter used a red, yellow, blue and green variegated thread that worked perfectly.

It is backed with a fun all over fire truck and flag print that he picked out himself.

Jammer is very proud of his special fire truck quilt. He couldn't wait for it to be finished. Each night as I worked on hand sewing the binding, he'd ask if it was done yet. Needless to say that as soon as the final stitch was completed, it went right on his bed and he slept cozy and peaceful the entire night.

I am so proud of my Junior Firefighter in training. He truly loves everything about the fire service. He was introduced at a very young age.The weekend after we arrived home from Vietnam with our tiny baby boy, we went to the state fire chief's convention and he has gone every year since. One day he will become a Fire Chief just like his Daddy.

And because Bea asked, here are a couple of pictures of his room.

The red wall and his giant captain's bed. The rails make it hard for the quilt to drape nicely. His name letters will go above, if I ever get around to painting them. The open underside is the garage for his larger fire trucks and his Hess trucks. I still need to order his matching night stand. 
This is the mega huge ladder truck sticker that he really loves and his custom painted piggy bank. There is a fire truck on the other side as you can see in the 1st picture.

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  1. What an awesome quilt. Firefighters are very important and special people. My father was a volunteer firefighter for years.

    1. Thank you. It is interesting that we have it in our blood. I was a volunteer for my home town ambulance corp when I was 18. My hubby started his volunteer fire fighter career at 16. His dad and brother were volunteer fire fighters too. Hubby has been an active member for 30 years now. It is our professions too. He has worked in the fire alarm industry since college and I do accounting for an ambulance dealer. I guess this field was just meant to be for us.

  2. aww, how sweet, you should post a picture of his room as well...

  3. That is a wonderful quilt. I love how bright it is.

  4. Great Quilt! Such a cute boy, too!

  5. Terrific room for your little guy! The quilt is just perfect and I know he loves it and has sweet dreams while snoozing under his special quiltie!

  6. Wonderful little boy's quilt - sure to grow with him! And love the bedroom, thank you for sharing both.

  7. I love bright colors for boys, this is so primary and perfect....his room looks very inviting even for this Madame lol

  8. very colorful!!

    Check out my blog if you can...

    Margaret Gunn

  9. What a perfect quilt for a boy! I love the yellow binding, it really stands out!

  10. Fabulous quilt for your little guy! And his room is stupendous!

  11. Love the theme and the quilt!

  12. I love this quilt!! Perfect for your little fireman in training!!

  13. awww... hes adorable and so is the quilt! I have several volunteer firemen and women in my family!

  14. This is wonderful! Both his room and his quilt! Oh my gosh! I finally found a fellow quilter who's a firefighter's wife too! I love my firefighter hubbie, and our two little guys love daddy's firetrucks. Firefighting is also in the family at our house, as my hubbie's father was a volunteer firefighter on Long Island, New York (incidentally, he trained and was friends with several of the brave ones that perished on 9/11), my hubbie's older brother is a full-time police office and part-time firefighter/EMS, and little brother is a dispatcher! I've nearly completed two little "To the Rescue" quilts for my two little guys (Quiltmaker Sept 2009). They've been layered/basted for a year now, waiting for me to get the gumption to try free-motion quilting on my little Bernina. I'm scared! Any advice for flame quilting?


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