Saturday, May 19, 2012

Maybe, just maybe

This baby may be coming home with me soon!

I wasn't shopping for a new machine. Honest!

I really love my machine. Once I figured out its little quirks it has been great. It has loads of features, many that I haven't had time to play with yet. But this new possibility has even more.

A good friend has become interested in quilting (thanks to me dragging her to a quilt show) and we've been visiting all the local dealers to view available makes and models, check out features and prices over recent weeks. It just so happens that one local dealer, who no longer sells Brother machines, has this Laura Ashley NX 2000 floor model for sale at a great reduced price.

I didn't even notice it in the store until we were getting ready to leave. And I've been dreaming about it ever since. I've researched online extensively about it, read reviews all over the place and found out what a brand new in the box one would cost.

Hubby had no clue, though he did figure out that I was looking at new machines. I told him last weekend and guess what? He didn't freak out. He even suggested how much I should offer the shop owner for this new one (the same amount I was considering). Yes my current machine would be sold, I just can't justify having 2, and it would help with my budget conscious heart.....less overall out of pocket.

I wanted to go to the shop yesterday and put this floor model through its paces to test it out but since I really need to get the teacher quilts done first, I resisted. It was hard! Really hard! But if I can get the last teacher quilt top completed and off to my long arm person before next weekend, I'll be taking a little road trip.

If it performs as I think it will and if I the owner will accept my offer, this beauty will be coming home with me.

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