Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Inspiring Grand Ideas - 2013 Teacher Quilt Project finish #3

Do you wonder as you are sewing a quilt if you are actually going to like it or not when it is done? I certainly did with this one. I just wasn't sure of how it all worked together but once I added the border it felt just right and I'm very happy with it.

In deciding on a name for this quilt, the colors and prints of some of the fabrics reminded me of a basic school composition notebook and after a ton of thought, that image led me to think about what goes into that composition notebook. One thing led to another and so this quilt is appropriately named
Inspiring Grand Ideas
I used a Moda Little Black Dress layer cake and another pattern from the Moda Bakeshop, Easy as Pie. The finished size is 61" x 68".
During the construction of this quilt I was worried that it would look too dark in the end, all Black and Gray  but as soon as I added the border in one of the tan prints, it took on a lighter feel.
It is a directional print that really worked well to finish off the design.
You'd be surprised I bet if I didn't choose another swirly pattern for the quilting for this one. Just like the other teacher quilts, the quilting design softened the sharp lines of the blocks.
I just love the backing print and it is why I was drawn to this fabric line in the 1st place. It was another challenging pattern to match up for the pieces but even my long arm quilter had a hard time finding the seam.
The binding I chose was a Taupe solid fabric and I think it was the perfect choice. It works well with the backing fabric and it enhances all the colors and prints on the quilt top.
The overall feel of this quilt lends itself to a bit of sophistication I think and knowing this teacher as I do, I think it is the perfect choice for her.
Being happily surprised by how much I like this finished quilt gave me a new insight into the colors I might want to use more in the future.

9 of you added your own colorful comments:

Karen said...

I love dark colors in a quilt. This quilt is very rich looking. I really like the pattern and your quilting. Another outstanding gift that will be treasured. You are an inspiration.

Katie said...

I think it's beautiful. I'm making an all neutrals quilt right now as well and at times I am looking at it going -- where's the color this is going to be so boring. it's a block of the week project so I am trying to keep positive about it as I have made this year long commitment to it. As I am nearing block #30 things are turning around for me and I am seeing the possibilities available in only using the neutrals.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I just love this fabric line and I think you have created a stunning quilt with it.

Needled Mom said...

That is a stunning quilt! I just love the colors and the quilting lines are wonderful with it.

beaquilter said...

another great quilt Michele!! love it.... is there a 4th?

Sandy D said...

Good choice for the border. I do love a black,white gray quilt. Great job on the quilting too.

Lesley said...

This quilt is stunning...a great choice for the fabrics. Well done...another quilt that will be loved!

Kathy said...

All three turned out so wonderful. Love them all! Your kids teachers will be so blessed, what a wonderful Thank You to them for all the love they have put into nurturing the kiddos this year.

Rachel said...

Love it! Superb eye candy! Great job!