Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bloglovin or Feedly - my final decision

I've been using both Feedly and Bloglovin for the past month and a half, thoroughly testing each of them out  and now it is time to announce my final decision. The winner for me is:
Bloglovin just doesn't cut it for me. There are too many features lacking that Feedly offers. I prefer the way I can choose how much of the feed I want to see and the organizational tools in Feedly. It is great to be able to either read the oldest posts first or the newest posts, whichever I choose.

My biggest beef with Bloglovin has been the fact that over the weeks that I tested it, every time I clicked on the blog post title to go directly to the blog itself so that I could post a comment, the actual blog would only load partially, mostly just the header plus a little more. It would take multiple tries of clicking through to the blog before it would fully open. Very aggravating in my opinion. I had enough problems with Google Reader and I certainly don't want to use another reader that gives me constant indigestion. I never had any of these types of problems with Feedly. In fact I haven't had any problems with Feedly at all.

Feedly seems to be continuously working around the clock to improve their features and services and I'll be interested to see what new things become available in the coming months. 

If you use Bloglovin, don't worry, you can still follow me through that reader. I just won't be using it to read blogs myself. You can choose to use any reader you wish. If you haven't already moved your Google Reader feeds to another reader, now is the time. The deadline is fast looming and on Monday Google Reader will be no more. The import into either Feedly or Bloglovin is really easy so before you seriously regret waiting any longer, sign up with one of them today and be able to continue reading all your favorite quilting blogs with no interruptions.

This is also a Quilter's Public Service Announcement.

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Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I also use Feedly, I love their i-pad app.

beaquilter said...

me too! though I like that blog loving links to FB.... now in feedly when I preview I click to open in new tab instead of having to hit the back button twice often, after I comment

Anonymous said...

This switch-over certainly has presented some challenges! I do hope, as a commenter, that Bloglovin "plays well" with WP and other servers. I am not familiar with Feedly and will be curious to see how many go that direction.

marilyn said...

I clicked on your follow on Feedly button and it says link not found :( I've tried to find Feedly and can't seem to find it so I guess I have to stay with Bloglovin. Weird.