Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Danny's Quilt - the final pictures

I finally got the opportunity to take some better pictures of my Tribute to Danny quilt at the recent annual softball tournament to benefit the scholarship in my nephew's name. It is the quilt I put together 2 years ago with blocks made by some of my readers and it was raffled off at that year's tournament. The binding on this quilt was completed that very morning as we drove to the event and the label was sewn on during the game breaks so I never got a chance to take some proper pictures of it.
For those of you that are my newer readers, I put out a call in April 2012 for 12 inch 8 pointed star blocks in the school's colors of Red, White and Black. The idea came to me as I drove home from visiting my niece (Danny's sister) and her family the morning after her house burnt to the ground. It was close and luckily everyone got out safely, but barely. To say that it shook all of us to our core to know just how close we came to losing more family members is a huge understatement.

At that time, I was in the midst of working on many other quilts and there was no way I could have made these blocks myself. So my loyal readers came to my rescue and sent these gorgeous blocks.
The variety of 8 pointed stars and Red, White and Black fabrics truly worked together to create one fabulous and very special quilt.

Why did I specifically request 8 pointed stars? It was Danny's jersey number and that jersey is what he is buried in (along with his favorite Spiderman jammie pants.)
While I love each and every block sent for different reasons, I love this one the most because of the baseball square center. Danny was a star athlete on both the football and baseball fields.
My quilter at the time Dianne did the impossible and quilted this baby in 24 hours. I can never thank her enough for dropping all her other quilts for the day and getting this one done for me fast so that it was ready for the tournament.
The label includes all the names of those that helped make this quilt (along with the companion quilt made from the extra blocks) a reality. I will forever be in each of these ladies' debt.
The backing is a really cool circle print and I pieced the simple white star that I received in the exact middle.
 It seemed fitting.
This is the companion quilt, Remembering Danny.
In the end, in a very magical and mystical moment that we are sure Danny himself had a hand in, both quilts ended up staying in the family. You can read that story if you like on my original reveal post.

As I've mentioned before, next year will be the 10th and final year of the softball tournament. I think Danny's mom is ready to close this chapter and we will certainly do it up in grand style. Another quilt raffle is being planned for next year and hopefully if all the stars align, my idea will again become a reality and a lot of money will be raised for the scholarship fund. In 2012, with proceeds from the fund, a new scoreboard was erected at the football field and next year something special and long lasting will be done for the baseball team.
Danny truly embodied all that is good in teens and sportsmanship. He wasn't perfect but he really was a good kid.  As quoted in the event's story by Kevin Edwards of the Wayne Independent
"Danny Branning was a 16-year-old standout, multi-sport athlete.The always-affable, ever-smiling, mischievous lad starred in football and baseball. He was an up & coming quarterback on the grid and a tough-as-nails catcher on the diamond."
To know that Danny will always be remembered is heart warming and to know that other kids will continue to learn about him and his dedication to his sports will always be a comfort.

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Jeanie said...

What a tender story about Danny. The quilt is wonderful and how sweet of the quilters who helped to make this happen. God Bless!

Diane-crewe said...

it was a pleasure to be involved .. when more blocks are required for the next one just shout xx

Vicki said...

A truly lovely tribute! Thanks for sharing.

Kleep said...

How wonderful. Brings tears to my eyes!!

Rachell said...

Wow. They turned out magnificent!
Hopefully they are helping the family grieve and love and keep his memory alive for everyone, and the tournaments and fields will help the school.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Oh Michelle...this is the most enduring post I've read in a long while. The story and effort of quilter's touched my heart. Thank you for sharing.

Ivory Spring said...

Danny's quilt turned out beautifully!!!

Ivory Spring said...

Danny's quilt turned out beautifully!!!

Kathy said...

I love the quilt label you put on the back! It was an honor to help with this and am ready to lend a hand in the future any time you want to do it again. I love that it was able to stay in the family.