Saturday, August 30, 2014

A finish - Spellbound and my final H2H quilt roundup

My It's A Sister Thing Swap items have been completed and are on their way but I can't show them to you until I know she has received the package. So after that was done, I was finally able to get the last Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge quilt on the frame and quilted. Sarah graciously gave me a bit more time to get them all completed and sent to her since Penelope was having her upgrade installed and these quilts will be going with her church's youth group of helpers on their trip in October to help out Hurricane Sandy Survivors. I really didn't want to quilt this one on my domestic machine Lucy.

Here is the completed Spellbound!
This was made from mostly fabrics from Pat Sloan's fabric line of the same name and the Pink and White print from her Girly Girl line.I used the Yellow Brick Road pattern and really love not only how fast and easy this pattern was but how really cool it turned out. 
For the quilting I did simple loops and hearts, which felt totally appropriate since this quilt is meant to wrap someone in love. I did hearts of all sizes, some medium...
...some really large...
...and some really small.
I even threw in a couple of double hearts here and there.
And while I was in the occasional double mood, I added a few double loops every so often.
The backing is from the same fabric line and I bound it in the same Pink border fabric.
The thread choice was So Fine #493 Pastel Green. It was the perfect shade to work well on the front and it almost disappears on the back but you can still see the cool texture.
I tried a different method for machine sewing the binding onto the back and I like this one much better. I will definitely use this method again.
And what photo shoot would be complete without the glamor shot?

As I waited for the sun to come up yesterday outside in the right photo shoot spot, I saw this sight of the 3 of them hanging on the railing upstairs with the morning light streaming in through the windows and had to capture it.
With the fabulous morning light I was able to get some better pictures of the other two Hand2Help Quilts. First up is Growing Hyacinths. The sunlight really shows how pretty all these colors are together.
This was the 1st quilt I finished on the longarm using simple loops. It was all about getting used to the machine.
Here is better view of the fun footprints fabric from the same line that I used for the backing.
Of course I had to also get the requisite glamor shot and this one is just perfect with the sunshine and the shadows.
Lastly is Crazy Boys, because with trucks and monkey and the typical boy whatnot, they do get crazy. The morning sun really showcased the fabulous texture of the zigzag quilting lines.
This was done on my Lucy and will certainly be used again in the future. It was fast, fun and I love the result.
I used the same backing fabric but in the boy's version of course.
Are boy quilt shots even allowed to be called "glamorous"? Either way, isn't this one with the sun shining through really cool?
So there you have it, all 3 of my Hands2Help Charity quilts all done and after a nice wash and dry to make them all soft and cuddly, they were quickly packed up and they are now on their way to Sarah. Since I rushed to make these quilts this year, I learned that I don't want to do that again so I'm already working towards some quilts for next year's challenge.

I have some other great finishes to show off so stay tuned.

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beaquilter said...

they look great. what did you end up doing on the skinny border on your recent quilt?

Barb Neiwert said...

Fun, fun all the way around! What's the new method you used for the machine binding?

Sarah Craig said...

Great quilts, Michele - and I can't wait to see them in person! Thanks so much for participating in the H2H challenge!!!

Vicki said...

Just beautiful! All three of them are so special. I do love glamor shots.

Kathy said...

Fantastic Finishes, Looks like you and Lucy are getting settled in nicely and playing well together.

Anonymous said...

Those are so pretty and cheerful! They will truly wrap the recipient in love. I especially love that last one......the colors are totally yummy. The texture on all is "to die for"'s what makes the quilt a quilt! The hearts/double hearts/loops are so fitting for the giving!!! Hugs..............

Michelle said...

Lovely quilts, all.