Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MQX East - More of Day 2

Here is the 2nd half of the quilt pictures that I took on Thursday. Enjoy!

Background Noise, Winner of a Faculty Award from Peggy Nagle, quilted by Lisa Teichmann.

Shenandoah Falling, Winner of a Faculty Award from Sue Patten, pieced and quilted by Margaret Solomon Gunn.
Ink Pink Foofaraw, quilted by Stephanie Adams.

A Star to Guide Him, 3rd Place Ribbon for Wholecloth Large, quilted by Deborah Levy.

Coloring Outside the Lines, 2nd Place Ribbon winner in the Machine Quilting the Modern Way category, pieced and quilted by MaryKay Price.

Sums it all Up, pieced and quilted by Sue Dario.

Modern Trees, pieced and quilted by Christa Watson.

Modern Love, Winner of a Faculty Award from Gina Perkes, pieced an quilted by Cathy Wiggins.

Bloom, pieced and quilted by Linda Hungerford. This was one of my favorites.

Autumn's Surrender, Winner of 1st Place Solo Artist and Best Machine Quilting Stand Up, pieced and quilted by Margaret Solomon Gunn. The detail and workmanship in the quilt is jaw dropping gorgeous.

Want to see more? I bet you do. Check back soon for my post about Day 3 at MQX East.

3 of you added your own colorful comments:

ChristaQuilts said...

Look at all that gorgeous eye candy! Thanks for sharing a pic of mine - it's fun to see it hanging all nice and proper!

beaquilter said...

quilting is just phenomenal..... phew! the patience... it's just awesome

FlourishingPalms said...

Oh! You posted pics of my quilt - Bloom! I'm glad you liked it. I paid for an appraisal for it and was stunned to learn it's valued at $4,150... and it didn't win a ribbon either! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I'm glad to get to see Christa Watson's quilt too. She's a domestic machine quilter like me, so I especially appreciate the work that goes into quilting on a home machine.