Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hubby rocks - My Talavera Tile Mirror

No ordinary builder bland oval powder room mirror would do for us when we built this house 3 years ago.  I had other ideas. I wanted something a lot more interesting and eye catching. 

I had a vision. I hunted for the just the right tiles and finally found beautiful hand painted Mexican Talavera Tiles and then placed the order.  Next I painted the room a matching Terra Cotta paint at 3/4 intensity that really worked well. 

Then it was up to hubby to make my vision a reality and here is the end result. 
This was the original layout but we tweaked if a bit before he adhered them to the board. 
He added the mirror and quarter round painted moulding to cover the seams and the outside edge and it got hung in the room today. 
Love it!  It is exactly what I had hoped for and it really gives the room some personality. 
I found the perfect shade of Blue and Terra Cotta hand towels and now I need to find a few other little trinkets and then the room will be finished. It always amazes me how just the right accessory can bring together a whole room.

9 of you added your own colorful comments:

  1. Wow ~ it's beautiful! How wonderful that you dreamed it and it became reality.

  2. It's amazing! The Tiles are lovely and unique! What a hubby!

  3. Your mirror is just amazing Michele! I love it!

  4. beautiful! Make a little mini quilt to hang with applique to mimic the tiles?? or would that take away from it? maybe it would.....

  5. I'd love to make a mirror just like this! I'm hoping a tutorial is in the works. If not, would you mind answering a few of my questions?

    Did you use SimpleMat and grout the tile? How did you get the border to be blue? What were the differences in making this mirror and making a regular mosaic tile mirror? For reference, these are the steps of a mosaic mirror

    This is the only DIY Talavera mirror I've found so far. Please help!


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