Thursday, April 24, 2014

MQX East - Day 3

Day 3 at MQX East required that I was up bright and early day again, which was no an issue since I'm normally up pretty early anyway. My 1st class of the day was a demo class with Kim Stotsenberg. This one was called Fantasy Feathers.
I know there are so many ways to do feathers and this class was great for showing me so many of the options and how to accomplish them. I'm sure newbies like me are nervous about doing them the "right way" but I was so very happy to learn that there are so many other great ways to do them that look fantastic. Here are some photos of Kim's class sample.
I enjoyed her teaching style and again this is an instructor that really helped me to visualize how I can do this myself. Unfortunately for her she wrestled with the demo machine throughout the entire class, but she kept her cool and persevered on. All of the students really felt bad for her, having to deal with this machine.
Here you can see some of the examples of the designs that she taught us. Kim uses rulers to help mark the placement of some of the feather's spines. The 3/4 circles on the right side of the top you can see completed on the sample in the next photo.
This is another class samples showcasing these designs.
After a one hour break, I was back in Kim's classroom for her Just Leaf It class. The basic concept was the same but knowing that some quilts just do not lend themselves to feathers, I wanted to learn this option too. Plus being a newbie, I need all the ideas that I can get. Here is the class sample.
I love the free flowing meander of the leaves and the swirls. She stressed that part of her process is to do what looks and feels right at the moment, adding or not as the quilt and the design dictates, and not being boxed in by specific "musts" in a quilting design.
Learning how to do a wreath or a triangle with the leaf shape was great.
The quilting fairy was shining down on me again that day as I was lucky again and won her demo sample. As you can see I have plenty of room left over to practice the designs.

I can do this. I know that I can.
After class I headed off to the show to view and photograph more of the gorgeous quilts and to visit the vendors. Enjoy the quilty eye candy.
A Splendid Display, 2nd Place Ribbon in the Solo Artist category, pieced and quilted by Cindy Seitz-Krug.
Tink's Choice, 3rd Place Ribbon in the Solo Artist category, pieced and quilted by Laura Trenbeath.
Black Tie Gala, Honorable Mention Ribbon in the Solo Artist category, pieced and quilted by Judy Woodworth.
This is the back of this quilt.
Broken Dreams, Winner of the Surface Design Award, pieced and quilted by Theresa Fetch.
This quilting leaves me speechless.
Aunt Millie's Red Hot Garden, Winner of a Faculty Ribbon from Kimberlee Diamond, pieced by Mary Shotwell and quilted by Debbi Treusch.
Earth & Twig, pieced and quilted by Kelley Cunningham.

Of course, I have even more photos of fabulous quilts to share so check back for part 2 of day 3 at MQX East.

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Carol said...

Drool is all I can say. I look forward to the day I can do even a little bit of that type of feather work. I need a class on how to decide what to put where. LOL.

Linda said...

Hi Michele. I am really enjoying your posts about your trip to the quilt show. I am blown away by the awesome quilts and want to say thanks so much for taking the time to share. Your feather class must have been so much fun and you have been so lucky to win twice. You will be making amazing quilting designs soon.

beaquilter said...

Great samples! good tip about marking the circles for the feather spine.... fun that you won the samples!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Thanks so very much for sharing all much inspiration and I found myself taking notes and studying the quilting!! Congrats on you wins...YAHOO!!! I esp. loved seeing the work you did in class...the possibilities are endless aren't they!!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Hey...forgot to ask: How's the Charm Square sorting coming along???