Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Staking my claim and the update

This is just a formality. I haven't decided yet which I'm ultimately going to use.
Follow on Bloglovin

I've spent a lot of time researching the two options and I still haven't decided which way to go. So what's a gal to do? Test them both out of course.

I downloaded Firefox and logged into Feedly a couple of days ago and I'm not sure yet if I like it or not.

Tonight I imported by Google Reader list into Bloglovin and I'll be giving that one a thorough run down too.

Thankfully I have a month and a half until Google Reader disappears totally so that is plenty of time to see who will win my little battle between the two front runners Hopefully it won't take that long to see which reigns supreme. I really want to get this question answered and this issue closed once and for all.

2 of you added your own colorful comments:

beaquilter said...

I set up blog lovin, but don't use it, it is set up to post on FB for me, both on personal and my PAGE, so I don't have to do it. read in feedly and I'm liking it now I think

Rachel said...

I tested both for a while. Dropped Feedly mainly because it was dropping blogs and up dating slowly (sometimes days after the post was made by the blogger). Would LOVE to know if those little bugs were fixed!