Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teacher Quilts progress report

Because I was buried getting the Crimson Diamonds quilt and the Friends Together Together-Little Artists' quilt done for the school's silent auction fundraiser done, the 1st teacher quilt that I worked on, though started in early March, wasn't finished until Wednesday night. Yesterday I rushed it over to my long arm quilter. Here is a sneak peak.
It turned out pretty cool. The directional print in the border was a little challenging to line up but I'm happy with the result. I used another directional print for the backing, my favorite print in this entire line, for the backing and piecing that was even more challenging but it came out great and the seam line isn't noticeable at all unless you look for it.

After I got back from the LQS I set to work cutting the pieces for the next teacher quilt. I got them all done right before I had to pick up the kidlets from school.
My hope was to get started piecing this last night but it was such a beautiful day that the kidlets wanted to play outside once they got home and who am I to say No.  This one will go together really quickly and I should have it done by Tuesday.

Early this week I also got the most recent Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin 2013 block done and in the mail. Would you like to see what I added to it?
You were hoping I'd really show it to you? So sorry, rules are rules. Only sneak peaks are allowed. i would never want to piss off the Master RR Organizer by breaking the rules. Oh yeah, that's me!
 Normally I would have finished my part on this one earlier in the month but an unexpected event, like finding my long arm, the need to clear out and paint the studio and then going to pick my new toy up, kinda took some away time recently that I would have had to do this one. The next block is here and hanging on my design wall, waiting for inspiration of what to add next.

This morning Sunshine has a birthday party to go to but I should get some sewing time in this afternoon. Tomorrow I'm going to spend half of the day outside working on yard stuff and then again my afternoon/evening will be some me time. I hope that you get to enjoy your weekend too.

2 of you added your own colorful comments:

beaquilter said...

Quilt looks great! I got my RR yesterday, now WHAT to add. hmmmm. I can't even remember what I sent off! I'm quilting my Valentine's one BTW!! woohoo, should be done today

Anonymous said...

I stared at my April block for nearly two months before I got inspiration. That was a hard one for me. I did end up liking how it looked with my addition, but I was really stumped for a long time. I am getting excited to see the reveals. It will be so fun to see what other people added to the ones I worked on early on, and see the finished products. Yours is so bright and colorful!